WTR 1000 - Vinge erhåller svensk toppnotering

13 februari 2023 Om byrån Immaterialrätt

Vinge utnämns till ”Top firm in Sweden” när World Trademark Review presenterar årets ranking. Utmärkelsen är guidens främsta, och baseras på intervjuer och granskningar av rådgivningens kvalité och komplexitet.

WTR rankar årligen världens ledande byråer såväl som enskilda experter som utmärkt sig på varumärkesområdet. Vinge erhåller än en gång toppranking som byrå, samt sju individuella omnämnanden:

Full-service powerhouse Vinge maintains its position as one of the most popular and prominent firms on the market, with praise flowing in from all corners. “It is the firm that stands out the most”, enthuses one peer. “It is one of the biggest competitors in Sweden; the team is exceptionally skilled and well-resourced, the service is high-end and super sophisticated, and if you want the very best, you go to Vinge.”

One of its USPs is that it has a top-notch prosecution practice, with Anette Henrysson taking the lead on that front. Global asset management comes easily to the astute strategist, while colleague Pär Leander is unwavering in his dedication to providing a quality service to some of the world’s biggest players in the telecoms, media and consumer goods industries.

Såväl Håkan Borgenhäll som Richard Wessman omnämns också, liksom Tobias Kempas:

On the contentious side, Håkan Borgenhäll and Richard Wessman are the names to note. Borgenhäll is hailed as “one of the best and most renowned litigators in the country” and “Wessman is a phenomenal and vastly experienced advocate who is simply excellent on all counts”.

The wonderfully well rounded Tobias Kempas is committed to his clients and their needs. He offers up practical solutions to almost any problem, and is a trusted partner to domestic and international corporations thanks to his steadfast representation inside and outside of the courtroom.

Även Sofia Ljungblad och Stojan Arnerstål lyfts fram, där man särskilt tar fasta på kommersiellt fokus:

Sofia Ljungblad and Stojan Arnerstål stand out for their strategic advice and approach to asset commercialisation.” Arnerstål comes in for additional praise courtesy of his “business-oriented mindset and dedication to consistently enhancing his skillset. He has a curious mind and is always open to discussing emerging topics.”

WTR:s omdöme baseras på intervjuer såväl som granskningar av rådgivningens kvalité, komplexitet och omfattning.

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