Vinge topprankade av WTR 1000

12 februari 2024 Om byrån Immaterialrätt

Vinge tilldelas guld i kategorin Enforcement and Litigation i 2024 års WTR 1000-ranking. Utöver det tilldelas sju medarbetare individuella omnämnanden.

WTR rankar årligen världens ledande byråer såväl som enskilda experter som utmärkt sig på varumärkesområdet. Vinge erhåller än en gång toppranking som byrå, samt sju individuella omnämnanden:

Vinge is home to an experienced IP team that provides sophisticated legal advice, while considering business goals. The practice leverages a vast global network to manage international matters in the US, Europe and Asia, and its robust team is a go-to for infringement protection and transactional services.”

Pär Leander, Sofia Ljungblad, Stojan Arnerstål, Richard Wessman, Håkan Borgenhäll, Tobias Kempas samt Malin Malm Waerme får alla individuella omnämnanden:

“A veteran in the field of intellectual property, Pär Leander has nearly 40 years of experience in IP law. He adeptly oversees a range of mandates on behalf of global leaders in the telecommunications, media and consumer goods industries.“

An asset for domestic brands as well as global names with interests in the Swedish market, IP prosecution head Sofia Ljungblad is known for their her “top-notch work that instils trust in clients and colleagues alike”. Ljungblad’s commercial sensibilities make her a safe pair of hands during negotiations of IP-rich deals.”

“A prominent name in academic circles within the trademark community”, Stojan Arnerstäl is the life sciences division head, but his transactional work is called upon by those in the media and technology sectors as well.“

“The firm also houses immense litigation know-how, especially when its bench of litigators includes the likes of Richard Wessman, Håkan Borgenhäll, Tobias Kempas and Malin Malm Waerme, all of whom come in with a wave of praise: “Richard is an esteemed lawyer renowned for his exceptional expertise in trademark law.” “Håkan is by far one of the most skilled litigators on the Swedish market. He is not only a superb strategist but also an excellent tactician.” “A force to be reckoned with, Tobias is a skilled and efficient opposing counsel.” “Malin has been able to quickly grasp nuances while negotiating clearly and amicably.”

WTR:s omdöme baseras på intervjuer såväl som granskningar av rådgivningens kvalité, komplexitet och omfattning.

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