Welcome to PCS Nordics Symposium on Securitisation on 12 September 2023

Hosted at the offices of Vinge, Stockholm, in association with Vinge and Finnish law firm Waselius & Wist.

The programme will be devoted to the securitisation market in the Nordics as well as across Europe and globally, including a look at current trends, possible future developments, regulatory updates, and perspectives from investors and issuers. All PCS events are complimentary, read more and register here for the PCS Nordics Symposium on 12 September 2023.

Albert Wållgren, Partner Vinge, will be in the Specialised Lenders panel focusing on the new driving force in European securitisation and upcoming challenges and opportunities.

Henrik Ossborn, Partner Vinge, will be discussing Current Trends, challenges, and opportunities in the horizon in a panel focusing on trends and key determinants of securitisations’ future.

Read more about Trends and Developments in the Chambers Securitisation 2023 Global Practice Guide

Albert Wållgren and Henrik Ossborn recently contributed to the Chambers Securitisation 2023 Global Practice Guide.

In the Trends and Development article from early this year, they touch upon the recent regulatory developments and also the significance of securitisations in the Swedish alternative lending market, both as regards SME and consumer credits and residential mortgages, a trend that might continue to gain strength given the current interest rate environment.

Please find the Swedish Chapters in the Chambers Securitisation 2023 Global Practice Guide below:

Law & Practice
Trends & Developments