Vinge authors the Swedish contribution regarding Chambers Venture Capital 2024 Global Practice Guide

25 juni 2024

Vinge partners Johan Larsson, Head of Venture Capital, and Daniel Wendelsson, Head of FDI, and counsels Filip Öhrner and Maria Dahlin Kolvik have contributed to the recently published Chambers Venture Capital 2024 Global Practice Guide.

Vinge has contributed to both the Law and Practice and the Trends and Developments Global Practice Guides.

In the Trends and Development article, they touch upon recent developments in the Swedish venture capital market and in particular the significance of Sweden’s new foreign direct investment regime which will affect investors from all jurisdictions. They conclude that given its broad scope, potential sanctions and the fact that current and past investments may be rendered null and void, the Swedish FDI Act and its implications should be carefully monitored at all stages of a venture capital transaction and throughout the life cycle of a Swedish-based portfolio company (including its impact on the possibility and timing of, for example, secondary transfers, new investment rounds and an exit).

Please read the entire chapters here.