Vinge authors the Swedish chapter for Lexology’s publication In-Depth: Banking Regulation

Fredrik Wilkens and Henrik Schön, part of Vinge’s financial services’ team, have written the Swedish chapter on banking regulation for Lexology’s publication In-Depth: Banking Regulation, formerly The Banking Regulation Review.

The contribution is a high-level description of the Swedish legal and regulatory environment that banks operate in, covering key issues such as prudential regulation, conduct of business, as well as on-going and emerging trends within banking regulation and seeks to facilitate various actors’ navigation within the complex banking regulatory environment.

Henrik Schön

Vinge is very pleased to contribute the Swedish chapter of the publication, which is well renowned and spanning across a large number of jurisdictions worldwide. It is particularly positive to contribute to a publication that is internationally recognised and attracts a broad group of companies, and we see that it gains good traction among both domestic and foreign clients, as well as other stakeholders, for navigating the Swedish regulatory landscape.”

You can read the chapter here.