Vinge Tomorrow

We are now making it easier to include sustainability commitments in your most common agreements. Vinge Tomorrow is our collection of standard clauses that help you contribute to a reduced climate impact in everything from employment contracts to supplier agreements. The new additions are part of our aim to contribute to a more sustainable business community - both today and tomorrow.

If we can use business law to make the world a better place together - we will. For those who wish to do so, it is possible to add contractual clauses that add a stronger commitment to combating global warming.

For example, for commercial contracts between business partners, this entails:

  • The right to terminate a contract if a supplier fails to maintain the agreed standard in its sustainability commitments;
  • The supplier undertakes to measure, manage and report emissions and implement a continuous improvement plan;
  • Discounts are adjusted according to how well a party achieves Target Total Emissions.
  • Electronic communications and avoidance of travelling and printing.

For example, for loan agreements between banks/financial institutions and companies, this entails:

  • Restricting borrowers from engaging in activities that adversely affect the lender's net zero goals and/or facilitating business strategies linked to the Paris Agreement.
  • Reduced interest rate for borrowers which directly or indirectly reduce their carbon or water consumption.
  • Requiring lenders to ensure that a certain proportion of their lending is in green or sustainability-linked loans and/or bonds in order for the lender to utilise the full margin.

For example, for employment contracts, this entails:

  • Personal incentive programmes for the employee linked to the company's environmental and sustainability objectives;
  • Sustainability-enhancing behaviour linked to the personnel handbook, such as travel policy and use of renewable energy;
  • Exemption from garden leave and sabbatical rules if the resigning employee chooses to volunteer in a sustainability-related profession;
  • Provisions for employee training to help fulfil the company's environmental and sustainability objectives.

Choose Vinge's climate-promoting contract clauses to strengthen your sustainable business ambitions. Together, we will customise the solution that best suits your ambitions and opportunities. Get in touch and we will tell you more.