The Seat

by Vinge

We’ve crafted a chair which provides the newest employee with a seat on the executive committee.

At Vinge, we take pride in empowering new talented individuals with real personality.

That’s how we embrace change, and that’s why we succeed.


Vinge’s palette has many bold colours. No two assignments are the same and tackling our clients’ challenges requires numerous multi-talented colleagues. We therefore believe in a workplace where everyone’s individuality is allowed to flourish. A workplace where everyone can reach their full potential and make the difference that drives success.

Work at Vinge

Vinge is one of the largest law firms in the Nordics. We can offer you an exciting, developmental job that touches on all aspects of the complex world of business law. We are proud to have such a highly skilled team of employees, not only in law but also our various business support functions.

Join Vinge talent!

Interested in working at Vinge in the future? Join Vinge Talent to get advance details of job vacancies, interesting seminars and social events. Whether you’re a student, a court clerk or an active lawyer, you are important to us. We look forward to seeing you.

For law students

Building a relationship with students is an important part of our work. Without dedicated, responsive, business-driven employees in the future, Vinge simply wouldn’t exist.

Meet Isabell Anstrin

For Isabell Anstrin, Vinge was a strike of luck which proved to be successful. She currently works as an assistant in Vinge’s dispute resolution group and enjoys constant challenges, a significant amount of individual responsibility and the possibility to make a difference.

Sustainability and CSR

At Vinge we work towards creating a successful business, but we also help charitable organisations achieve their goals. As competent and responsible lawyers, our skills can benefit those beyond our traditional circle of clients. And they can help us achieve much more than financial gain.

Working as a lawyer

The business world has grown increasingly complex in the almost 35 years since we started out. New business models, new channels of communication and distribution and increasingly global trade are just some of the comprehensive changes that have taken place.

Work in Business Support

Working in Business Support gives you a challenging role in a fast-paced environment in one of the largest business law firms in the Nordic region.


Maria Andersson

HR-Manager Malmö, Helsingborg and Brussels

+46 (0)10 614 55 74