Media Law

We advise parties such as advertising agencies, newspaper editorial teams, record companies, TV and film companies, book and music publishers and video gaming companies.

We also help clients to negotiate with such companies, for instance in connection with producing and distributing advertising or other content.

Our consultancy encompasses, e.g.

  • copyright and other intellectual property rights
  • market law
  • the Act on Names and Pictures in Advertising
  • the Acts on Freedom of the Press/Freedom of Expression
  • radio and TV legislation

Contract Forms and Industry Agreements

We have extensive knowledge of the different types of contracts and industry agreements used in connection with e.g. production and distribution of films, TV programmes, radio programmes, music, books, periodicals, computer games and other forms of entertainment. Moreover, our specialists have comprehensive experience of negotiating and drafting tailored solutions for players in the industry.

Our collective expertise

Thanks to Vinge’s full‑service offering as a business law firm, we can provide support in all matters relating to media law. Where necessary, we work alongside the firm’s specialists in other areas, such as intellectual property rights, IT law, market law, competition law and tax law.