International relations

Global reach

In all our practice areas we handle projects on a cross border basis. We advise on matters ranging from international transactions to arbitration involving parties from different countries. By combining our experience of global deals with our expertise in local practice and law, we can advise clients quickly and comprehensively.

When you turn to Vinge you get access to our international network of top‑ranked law firms and consultancies. Hence, you always get the best advice, irrespective of where the issues take you geographically.

Working together

Vinge has offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Helsingborg and Brussels. But our expertise extends much further. We employ lawyers who know not only the law in other countries but also the language and business culture. Together with our Swedish lawyers, or local advisers, they form teams that do more than give legal advice – they build cultural bridges.

Lex Mundi

Vinge is the only Swedish member of Lex Mundi – the world’s leading network of independent law firms with in‑depth experience in over 125 countries worldwide. As part of Lex Mundi, we can give our clients preferred access to more than 21,000 lawyers around the world – all from a single point of contact. Read more about Lex Mundi.