Disputes and Administrative Court Proceedings

Our lawyers regularly act as counsel in disputes and have extensive experience of working in court proceedings as well as arbitrations related to life science matters. The team is acting in some of the most high profile pharmaceutical and biotechnological mandates in Sweden. Our litigators are also experienced in administrative court proceedings, e.g. in relation to market access or pricing issues.

Within the life science field, many disputes concern patents. Questions of scope of protection and patentability (such as inventive step and novelty) often gives rise to conflicts and disputes. Disputes can also cover other questions such as formal issues in the application process and ownership of the invention. In the field of pharmaceutical patents, specific issues related to the possibility of obtaining patent extensions (so-called supplementary protection) are also often litigated. More recently, there has also been an increase in contractual disputes in the field of life sciences, including assignment, licensing, co-ownership and joint product development.

Our lawyers’ capabilities, experience and broad knowledge of all the areas mentioned above give us the ability to take on and resolve complex disputes efficiently with tailor-made teams. Many of the disputes we deal with involve cross-border issues where our lawyers form part of a larger team with lawyers from other countries. Our lawyers are also deeply focused on, and prepared for, the new challenges which will come to the fore as a result of the new system relating to unitary patents.