Strategies, registration and monitoring

We provide legal advice on questions concerning strategies, registration and monitoring of intellectual property rights (prosecution)

A company’s intellectual property assets can be highly significant for new investments, but it is also important to manage its existing trademark and design rights in a strategic and structured way over the long term. This is a core element in ensuring a high level of protection for the intellectual property owned by the company, which in turn provides a competitive edge.


What is intellectual property law?

Intellectual property law protects a company's intellectual property, for example be ensuring that no other party exploits that property without permission. A company's intellectual property can often be very valuable, which means that it plays a key part in terms of strategic competition.

Importance of preparation for new investments

Preliminary IP reviews can provide companies with valuable information to form a key basis for making decisions before investing in product development, trademarks and marketing.  Even at the planning stage, thorough preparations can provide information about whether other parties have already protected similar products or trademarks. 

This is also the case with domain names. Failure to check domain name registrations when you develop a new brand could have significant implications for your marketing. 

Another important stage is to identify which elements of a concept, product or service should be protected and which forms of protection can be used and are appropriate to that specific concept, product or service.


Long-term strategy secures company's intellectual property

Long-term management of existing trademark and design rights is another key element in ensuring good protection. This includes constantly monitoring your company's existing intellectual property rights and ensuring that registrations are renewed before they expire. It also includes regular monitoring of competitors' new trademark and design applications that could potentially infringe your company’s intellectual property rights. 


How we can help you with intellectual property issues

Vinge's prosecution department is one of the few Swedish law firms that offers comprehensive trademark and design prosecution services. We secure, protect and manage major Swedish and global trademark and design assets for leading brands. Our specialist team has extensive experience in a variety of issues related to the development of new concepts and products and in legal evaluation of trademarks and designs. We also provide strategic legal advice on the most appropriate and cost-effective protection. Our wide network of contacts and thorough cooperation with various law firms around the world facilitates large-scale global trademark and design applications.


We also help with: 

  • Similarity searches
  • Freedom to Operate (FTO) examinations of previous applications or registrations for trademark or design protection
  • Preliminary reviews of domain names
  • Filing trademark and design applications with the Swedish Patent and Registration Office (PRV), the EU Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and others
  • Continuous monitoring of our clients’ own trademark and design rights and renewal of registrations
  • Continuous monitoring of trademark and design applications by competitors which could potentially infringe the company's own intellectual property rights
  • Strategic advice on maintaining and improving the legal value of the company's intellectual property rights


Our lawyers also have extensive experience of representing companies in intellectual property disputes before courts and authorities.

Lawyers with specific experience in intellectual property law

Our law firm can provide professional advice on all aspects of intellectual property law. Our clients include companies in the following sectors: food, clothing, telecommunications, insurance, media, energy and manufacturing. We also work with advertising agencies and other providers specialising in advertising, PR, trademarks, design or digital marketing.   

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