Trade Compliance

International trade and export is associated with possibilities for economic growth and expansion – however it is important to take into account the regulatory frameworks which govern such trading. VAT and excise issues can be very complicated and there are also economic sanctions and embargoes which prohibit trading with certain countries, parties and goods.

Some regulatory frameworks require a licence for the export of certain goods to certain countries. The regulatory frameworks vary in different parts of the world, and criminal offences in relation to sanctions legislation can have serious consequences. This applies specifically to sanctions legislation for the United States which can affect Swedish companies in different and unexpected ways. Both in Sweden and abroad there are also extensive provisions against bribery and corruption which impose stringent requirements from a regulatory compliance perspective.

Vinges’s experts within Trade Compliance help companies to navigate the regulatory frameworks and can assist with advice within all types of issues which relate to regulatory compliance and international trade. Examples of what Vinge can help with include:

  • Mapping and assessment of the company’s sanction risks
  • Training of personnel and key personnel in relation to regulatory frameworks and risk management
  • Formulation of compliance programmes, process descriptions and steering documents
  • Contractual issues
  • Sanction controls
  • Incident management and contact with public authorities
  • Internal investigations and criminal law issues
  • Disputes
  • VAT, excise duties and licensing issues