How we work with gender equality

Specific goals move us forwards.

We believe in a workplace where every individual can reach their full potential and where differences are seen as an asset to benefit from in our business and meetings with our clients. Every individual is offered the right environment to succeed and succeed in their work.

At Vinge:

• the business should be free from discrimination
• all employees should have equal rights and opportunities in terms of work and opportunity to develop
• the share of women among newly appointed partners and counsels in the next five years should be 50% by 2024
• no one should feel discriminated against on any of the grounds of discrimination
• no one should feel harassed or bullied at the workplace in any form whatsoever
• no one should feel discriminated against during the recruitment process or appointment of positions, irrespective of whether the position is appointed internally or externally
• there should be no differences between salaries or terms of employment based on any of the grounds of discrimination

We strive for gender balance in all practice groups, project groups and other collaboration forums, which is reflected in our executive positions and governing bodies. The firm's Board of Directors consists of four women and five men. The distribution in the Senior Management Team is seven women and two men. Our three local Managing Partners are women. The gender distribution is relatively even at all levels of our associates, but there is an excess of men at the partner level. Therefore, we have a clear goal of increasing the number of female partners.

Vinge was the first Scandinavian law firm to set specific goals to achieve better gender equality as early as 2014. That same year, we set our original plan to have 50% women partners among our newly appointed partners over a five-year period. Between 2015–2022, 45% women and 55% men were appointed as new partners at the firm. It is, therefore, a given to set the same target, increased to include our counsel roles as well, for the five-year period 2020-2024, as experience shows that meeting the target requires a continuous focus.

On 31 December 2023, the proportion of female partners was 26% and the proportion of male partners was 74% – figures we are not satisfied with and which we are working systematically to change over time.

Gender equality is monitored continuously

Our goals are followed up continuously in Vinge Puls, the annual salary review, and internal collaboration forums. These include reference groups and a collaboration group where we identify and discuss risk issues concerning our operations. The group agrees upon which active steps need to be taken to minimise any potential risk of discrimination and how to promote diversity and equality in our workplace. Our active measures are documented and communicated annually in our Plan for active measures for equal treatment.

We now analyze gender equality in our due diligence process.

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