How we work with equality

We believe that the workplace should provide equal opportunities for everybody to reach their potential and we see diversity as an important asset in our business and the interactions with our clients. At Vinge it is a matter of course that everyone is given the optimal conditions to succeed in their roles.

At Vinge:

  • We provide an open working environment, free of discrimination.
  • All coworkers have the same rights and opportunities with respect to work and development.
  • Women will account for 50 percent of new partners by 2024.
  • Nobody will feel harassed or bullied at work regardless of the form it takes.
  • Nobody will feel discriminated against in the recruitment process or when allocated an assignment, regardless of whether it is an internal or external process.
  • Differences in salaries or terms of employment that are based on discrimination will not be tolerated.

We strive for an equal gender distribution in all our work groups and project teams, and indeed all other collaborative teams – something that is reflected in senior management and steering groups. The composition of our Board is four women and five men. Conversely, senior management is made up of five women and four men. Our three local Managing Partners are women. The distribution of women and men is relatively equal at all associate lawyer levels, however, there is a disproportionate number of men at partner level. We have therefore set a clear goal to increase the number of female partners.

In 2014, Vinge was the first law firm to set concrete targets to improve gender equality. The original goal of ensuring fifty percent of new partners were women´ was set in 2014 and delivered an outcome of 41 percent women and 59 percent men becoming partners. It is therefore a matter of course for us to continue with the same target for a further five-year period 2020 – 2024 as our experience has shown that fulfilling goals requires constant attention.

Since 2020, 57 percent of Vinge’s new partners have been women. In total, 28 percent of partners are female – the national average among large law firms is around 17 percent. 44 percent of Vinge’s board are women, while senior is made up of 56 percent women. Additionally, the gender split among senior assistant lawyers is 52 percent women and 48 percent men.

A continuous cycle of equality

We follow up on our goals on a regular basis through Vinge Puls, annual salary mapping, and our internal collaboration forum. Among other things, we have reference and collaboration groups where we identify and discuss risks to our operations and define which, if any, activities we need to be implemented to reduce the risk of discrimination and promote diversity and equality. Our measures are documented and communicated in our annual Plan of activity for equality.


Maria-Pia Hope, CEO Vinge:

Research shows that companies perform better with an equal number of women and men in senior positions, so it’s been a matter of course for me to drive the discussion on equality at Vinge. On top of this, I believe it’s my responsibility as a female in a senior role, to lay the path for those that follow after me.