Vinge Growth

Vinge Growth is the firm’s initiative that focuses on entrepreneurs and start-up companies. Through Vinge Growth, the firm’s specialists give help and guidance to businesses as they develop from establishment as a start-up to maturity as a large company.

We help you grow

Entrepreneurship is, and has always been, important for Vinge – and we have considerable experience in this area. Vinge Growth offers guidance in all areas of business law to companies that have the ambition to expand. It is suitable for start up companies and is bespoke for each business.

As part of Vinge Growth we share not just our knowledge and competence but also our contacts, because we know this gives entrepreneurs and growth companies a helping hand. The fee model is adapted to companies in the start up phase and is modified for each client and agreed objective.

A legal GPS for future choices

One thing we have learned over the years we have been around is that it is not just large, complex organisations that need occasional legal advice to make the right decisions, but smaller companies as well. As well as support with legal matters, we also arrange seminars, network events and training.

We provide Vinge Growth as part of our engagement in SSE Business Lab and Business Challenge.