Sustainability Report

Integrating responsible business throughout the value chain

As a leading commercial law firm, Vinge plays an important role in the business community and in society at large. The aim of our sustainability work is to create good, sustainable preconditions for companies and individuals, as well as to safeguard responsible business practices and benefit business and society in the long term.

Vinge's sustainability work is grounded in our business – to provide the best legal advice to our clients. In turn, our internal sustainability work focuses on those areas where we believe we have the greatest impact. As part of our sustainability work, we also engage in community-building projects, initiatives and partnerships where we can contribute our skills and expertise to the growth and development of communities, organisations and individuals.

For Vinge, operating a responsible and sustainable firm means acting ethically, encouraging good stakeholder relations, being a responsible employer and contributing to a well-functioning society. We believe that this delivers long-term benefits to both business and society, with a positive impact on the organisation as well as the individual.


Vinges Sustainability Report 2022


Highlights of 2022

Introducing Dude Diligence

In spring 2022, we introduced Dude Diligence as an addition within Vinge's due diligence work in connection with the large number of transactions which Vinge is involved in. The additional service examines gender distribution in the management team, board and other key roles, as well as the current state of the companies'gender equality targets. This provides a better picture of gender equality in companies before acquisitions, sales and mergers. It also allows us to place focus on the issue of gender equality through our core business and to contribute to a more gender-equal business world. Since the launch of Dude Diligence, leading Norwegian law firm Thommessen has launched a similar service on the Norwegian market. Read more about Dude Diligence here.

Development of our ESG-team

Sustainability issues, often referred to as ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance), are increasingly becoming a key issue for our clients. At the same time, there are increasing regulation and external expectations for sustainability reporting. We believe our role is to further develop and refine our advice in order to support the ESG work of our clients, regardless of sector, in an ever-changing environment.

Our ESG group was formed to bring together the extensive expertise and experience we have in this area. The focus of the group is to identify potential sustainability risks from a law and business perspective in dialogue with our clients, and to find both long-term sustainable solutions and opportunities for business and growth. Read more here