Sustainability Report

Integrating responsible business throughout the value chain

As a leading commercial law firm, Vinge plays an important role in the business community and in society at large. The aim of our sustainability work is to create good, sustainable preconditions for companies and individuals, as well as to safeguard responsible business practices and benefit business and society in the long term.

Vinge's sustainability work is grounded in our business – to provide the best legal advice to our clients. In turn, our internal sustainability work focuses on those areas where we believe we have the greatest impact. As part of our sustainability work, we also engage in community-building projects, initiatives and partnerships where we can contribute our skills and expertise to the growth and development of communities, organisations and individuals.

For Vinge, operating a responsible and sustainable firm means acting ethically, encouraging good stakeholder relations, being a responsible employer and contributing to a well-functioning society. We believe that this delivers long-term benefits to both business and society, with a positive impact on the organisation as well as the individual.


Vinges Sustainability Report 2023


Highlights of 2023

Identification of ESG areas with greater need for advice

We carried out a survey during the year within the framework of our ESG group to identify the parts within the area of ESG where our clients and the business community in general feel a greater need for help and advice. As a result, we have initiated in-depth interviews to identify what are perceived as being the main challenges to achieving sustainability in the business.

In the coming years, there will be a significant amount of new legislation in this area, further increasing the incentive to establish long-term solutions as soon as possible for the areas that are currently perceived as challenges in the business.

We provide advice in the following areas, among others:
• Environment and climate
• Work environment
• Financing
• Transactions
• Corporate governance
• Anti-corruption
• EU and Competition Law

We provide legal support in areas such as strategic policy work, the establishment of compliance programmes, training, due diligence, internal investigations, disputes, crisis management and within important ad hoc issues, both large and small. Read more about ESG-related advice.

Launch of the Climate Opportunity Group

In autumn 2023, we launched our cross-office group focused on increasing the value of our clients’ business from a climate perspective – the Climate Opportunity Group. The group works with everything from forward-looking business intelligence to identifying and communicating what clients will benefit from knowing or doing in relation to climate-sustainable business practice. By drafting standard clauses within a range of legal areas, we offer our clients greater access to solutions that can help reduce their climate footprint in a variety of situations.

Introduction of the AI tool Harvey

Much of the year was devoted to a multi-dimensional discussion on AI. As part of our efforts to further refine our advice, we introduced our AI tool Harvey at the end of 2023. The tool, which was implemented after an internal test period, was developed specifically for legal players in a global market.

We see this as an opportunity to create greater efficiency in our work, and thereby to provide even better opportunities to immerse ourselves in the areas that make a real difference for our clients.

The tool is also expected to help us get used to working with AI tools on a broader front.