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For many companies, patents are among the most important assets. For example, in the pharmaceutical industry for the development of innovative medicines or in other industrial sectors to protect investments in product development. Patent law not only deals with ensuring that patents are protected, but also with defending patents against suspected infringement, and reviewing and evaluating patents in order to assess their commercial value.

The value of patents has increased in several ways

We are seeing an increasing number of transactions driven by the value of patents. Many companies now have an IP policy that requires them not only to seek protection for their product development but also to defend their patents when they have been infringed. It is becoming increasingly important to watch your competitors using various types of monitoring systems where patents have become more important to stay informed about technological developments in the sector.

Patent law is not fully harmonised across the EU

There is a central international system for applying for patents, but unlike trademarks and designs there is no patent covering the EU. Over many years, there have been several studies looking at setting up a Community patent and a Community patent court, but there is still no legal framework in place. For this reason, many companies select several commercially interesting countries to create a valuable patent portfolio in the global market, even though it can be costly to apply for and subsequently defend their patents.

Studies and ongoing developments show that companies that invest in their IP rights are more commercially successful than those that limit their investment.

How we can help you deal with patent issues

As an independent law firm, we can offer tailor-made solutions for your business. Our lawyers have a wide range of experience in patent law and regularly take on litigation cases and cross-border patent litigation, including many cases in the US. Our international work has provided us with a large network of contacts in several countries, which facilitates cases abroad. We have the only lawyer in the country with a PhD in contracts and intellectual property law, which allows us to bring cutting-edge knowledge in the field of licensing and assignment of patents. We are also the only law firm in the country which employs PhD graduates in patent law with a focus on biotechnology. In addition, we have lawyers who are both lawyers and engineers, which means cost-effective advice in an area of law that requires an understanding of technology.

A few examples of significant cases that we have pursued:

  • Comviq v Europolitan concerning mobile telephone systems
  • AGA v Occlutech concerning medical technology (occlusion technology)
  • Seamless v Accumulate concerning digital payment systems (software patent)
  • Merck v Generika global case concerning a blockbuster osteoporosis drug
  • Eli Lilly v Generika global case concerning a blockbuster lung cancer treatment
  • Allergan concerning SPC (Botox®)
  • Novartis concerning SPC (Ilaris®)
  • Alfa Laval v SWEP concerning heat exchanger patents
  • Swedish Match v Eriksson concerning arbitration

Within the area of patent law, our lawyers have different specialisations and expertise, and the more commercially oriented areas are interwoven with our M&A experts.

Lawyers with wide ranging experience in business law and intellectual property

We are the largest providers in Sweden of full-service commercial and intellectual property law. Our law firm has the experience to offer a wide range of expertise and tailor-made advice within several areas of the law. Patent rights are not only dealt with within intellectual property law, they often need to be put into a broader context in which several areas of law may be relevant, and here Vinge is among the leading firms in Sweden. We help companies in all sectors. Our clients include companies in the following sectors: medical products, food, clothing, telecommunications, software solutions, media, energy and manufacturing.

Comprehensive protection offers optimal protection options

The intellectual property of a business is not only protected by patents. For many businesses, it can be important to consider related protection options such as design rights. Some countries have alternatives or supplementary options to patent protection, which are usually called utility models but are a kind of mini-patent.

A strategic and proactive approach with multiple protection options can help a business optimise their exclusive rights. Ultimately, this can create important competitive advantages, including through increased ability to identify and deter counterfeiting and other infringements. Optimising a company's intellectual property can also create value through increased licensing revenues. Expertise in intellectual property and marketing law helps businesses to minimise their legal risks, including the risk of claims, injunctions, badwill and costly disputes.

Vinge’s experts have extensive experience working strategically and in parallel with multiple forms of protection and alternative solutions. Our holistic, knowledge-oriented approach to your company's commercial needs provides you with appropriate, results-oriented advice.
In addition, the business activities may be affected by interactions between intellectual property law and other areas of law, such as competition law, regulatory law, finance law, corporate law, public procurement, tax law, etc. Vinge has significant experience in these disciplines. Contract law is probably the most important related area for patent holders, and it becomes relevant as soon as the inventions are created, but also during commercial exploitation (collaborations, licensing, etc.). The IP group has very prominent contract experts, and Vinge also has a larger department specialising in commercial contracts. Therefore, when necessary, Vinge's intellectual property experts collaborate with specialists from Vinge's other business areas. By combining extensive legal expertise with in-depth understanding of the commercial operation of the rules, Vinge can offer commercial support in all legal matters.

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