Commercial Agreements

A bespoke agreement often constitutes the basis for successful co-operation. Many problems can thus be anticipated and avoided through a carefully prepared contractual framework.

Vinge’s Commercial Agreements team has a commercial focus and in‑depth knowledge of Swedish and international contract law, along with experience of standard agreements and commercial agreements – all of which is highly appreciated by our clients.
Most of our lawyers have experience of working as corporate counsel at Swedish and international companies.

Our services encompass a wide variety of agreement types, such as:

  • co-operation agreements
  • confidentiality agreements
  • shareholder agreements
  • joint venture agreements
  • restructuring
  • outsourcing
  • general terms and conditions (for businesses and consumers)
  • purchasing, manufacturing and supply agreements
  • licensing agreements
  • development agreements
  • OEM
  • subcontracting agreements
  • distribution agreements of various kinds (agency, commission and franchise)

Our collective expertise

Globalization and the development of business models entail constant changes to law and practice. We continuously monitor developments in Swedish and international contract law, for instance through our colleagues in Dispute Resolution in their role as arbitrators in national and international commercial disputes. Thanks to Vinge’s full‑service offering, we can provide support in all matters relating to business law.