Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI, or artificial intelligence, is an area which is receiving an increasing amount of attention. Today, AI is used within a variety of different sectors and for many different purposes.

AI has given rise to several different legal issues, such as under which conditions AI generated works of art, innovations, designs and other works may qualify for intellectual property rights protection, as well as who is responsible for errors or damage which may be caused by AI systems. If you are developing AI or will be entering into an agreement relating to AI based systems or services, there are several aspects which are worth considering. The fast development of AI has meant challenges regarding which possibilities there are to procure, control and use data in order to develop and/or use AI systems. At EU level, work is progressing regarding a European AI strategy and the future legal regulation of AI.

Our lawyers combine expertise with commercial experience when advising our clients regarding issues concerning AI.

The scope of our legal advice includes, inter alia:

  • Intellectual property law aspects
  • Protection of trade secret information 
  • Strategic advice within all areas relevant to AI projects
  • The preparation of, and negotiations pertaining to, agreements regarding AI, such as collaboration agreements, licensing agreements, procurement agreements, development agreements, etc.
  • Competition law advice
  • Regulatory issues
  • Data protection issues


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