Transport Insurance

We offer legal advice concerning issues relating to transport insurance

Insurance plays a central role in transportation of goods and people. Highly valuable goods are frequently transported and, in addition, transportation can cause great damage to the environment and other property. Ships – which constitute the majority of the world’s transportation of goods – must also be able to provide a certificate in most countries which proves that there is an accepted liability insurance in order for the ship to dock. Further, there are often strong links between finance and insurance. Understanding risk management and the insurance element is a deciding factor in order to be able to act as an advisor in maritime and transport law. Vinge understands this. 

Within the law of transportation, there are different types of insurance for different types of risk. 

P&I – Protection and Indemnity

P&I is the shipowner’s liability insurance. Vinge has experience in representing Swedish and foreign P&I clubs regarding various issues concerning goods damage and other carrier liability which is included in P&I insurance. For example, we have been party to several noted court decisions concerning the establishment of limitation funds across Europe.


Vinge handles matters concerning collisions, nautical errors and other types of hull damage. We are experienced in investigating difficult demarcation issues concerning, among other things, total loss of goods and scope of insurance cover, including whether damage to a hull has arisen due to “wrong material” or “defects in material’. We represent both shipowners and insurance companies in disputes both before the courts and dispatcher accident investigations.

FD&D – Freight, Demurrage and Defence

Shipping insurance companies manage a large number of disputes for their insurance customers who are themselves within the framework of FD&D insurance which is the shipping owner’s legal expenses insurance. Vinge can provide robust advice concerning charter party requests and different commercial disputes which concern the operation of the ship as our legal team has long-standing and considerable experience of this aspect of maritime law.

Commodity Insurance

Vinge has expert competence to represent both commodity owners as well as insurance companies concerning issues regarding commodity insurance. These matters often concern issues of so-called multimodal transports, i.e. several types of transportation, the rights of the insurance company to bring a recourse action as well as the carrier’s delivery response.

How we can help your business with transportation insurance matters

Our lawyers are experts in all kinds of transportation insurance matters, including P&I, FD&D, Hull Insurance, Carrier Liability Insurance and Commodity Insurance. We assist both carriers and purchasers of transportations in addition to other interested parties in the transportation chain to safeguard their rights.

We regularly provide legal advice in, for example, the following kinds of engagements:

  • The entering into and negotiating of insurance agreements in both international and domestic contexts.
  • The investigation and evaluation of insurance cover when damage has occurred.
  • Assistance with reporting damage while under transport insurance.
  • As counsel in disputes concerning transportation insurance in court or arbitral proceedings, for instance regarding commodity damage.

Lawyers with specialist expertise in several areas.

Advice concerning transportation insurance is often closely intertwined with additional strategic advice where we work closely with other specialists within transportation law, maritime law, commercial agreements, dispute resolution and sanctions.

We are the largest full-service provider in Sweden in the areas of business law and transportation law. Our firm can provide in-depth knowledge and bespoke advice in several practice areas. We provide assistance to companies across all kinds of industries.

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