Marketing Law

Vinge’s market law specialists provide commercially targeted support with respect to marketing issues by combining thorough legal knowledge with a deep understanding of the commercial impact of marketing regulations.

Marketing legislation is extremely complex and therefore affects many companies. Vinge’s experts assist companies in all commercial sectors, including food, fashion, telecoms, media, energy and manufacturing. We also have particular experience of marketing‑related consultancy in more specialised sectors such as alcohol, tobacco and medical products.

Competition and Launches

Vinge’s experts have extensive experience of legal market assessments, for instance ahead of advertising campaigns, product launches, or when communicating on social media. Our advice is a constructive aid in ensuring that a company’s marketing complies with prevailing regulations. Consequently the business can reduce the risk of becoming entangled in costly processes, for instance if a competitor, a public authority or private sector self‑regulation should object to the marketing.

Vinge has far‑reaching experience of assisting companies in marketing disputes, in various contexts. We represent clients for example in court, in dealing with private sector committees and in direct communication with opposing parties. We can provide valuable support whether the company encounters reactions to its own marketing, or is damaged by competitor marketing.

Our collective expertise

Our know‑how encompasses all the applicable market law rules that have to be considered when developing a marketing activity. Several of Vinge’s experts also have considerable experience of closely related fields, such as intellectual property law and competition law. We also have extensive collective experience of consumer law, which is often relevant when offerings target consumers.