Applications for action and anti-piracy measures

We offer legal advice on applications for action and anti-piracy measures from an intellectual property perspective

The trade in pirated and counterfeit goods is causing major losses to many businesses. However, thoroughly planned strategies and active measures can influence the development of this type of illegal market and as a result prevent the waste of significant investments. 

Importance of protecting your intellectual property

Pirated and counterfeit goods are an international problem. The trade in this type of goods affects many different product sectors and can cause great harm to businesses through lost revenue. For that reason, it is important to establish a proactive approach and take active measures which can have a crucial impact in reducing the number of illicit goods and, as a result, protect a company’s investments in intellectual property. 

Monitor trade through the customs authority and protect your company's intellectual property

One active measure to protect the company's intellectual property rights is to file an application for action with the Swedish Customs. This means that Swedish Customs will stop goods suspected of infringing intellectual property rights, which in turn prevents these products from entering the market. An application for action may relate to Sweden or cover the whole of the EU.

If a company is the victim of piracy and counterfeiting, it can be crucial to obtain evidence at an early stage to be able to protect its intellectual property rights. Regular customs surveillance is therefore an important part of the company's strategy. This may involve companies regularly updating Swedish Customs on suspected infringing parties and products or informing Swedish Customs about how to identify suspected pirated and counterfeit products. 

How we can help your business with applications for action and anti-piracy measures  

Vinge's experts have extensive practical experience in supporting and representing Swedish and international companies in various anti-piracy issues. 

Our measures may include: 

  • Preserving evidence
  • Investigating infringements
  • Assistance in disputes

We also assist with applications for action to be filed with Swedish Customs and other authorities, and with other strategic legal advice on how companies can protect their intellectual property rights from piracy. We have extensive experience in investigating suspected infringements of intellectual property rights from both a civil and criminal law perspective.

Law firm with extensive experience in intellectual property law 

Our lawyers help companies in all sectors and provide professional advice on all issues related to applications for action and anti-piracy measures. Our clients include companies in the following sectors: food, clothing, telecommunications, insurance, media, energy and manufacturing.

Our intellectual property lawyers work closely with specialists from other areas of Vinge's other departments, for example criminal law specialists with a background as prosecutors or police. This enables us to offer unique and specialised legal advice and specialised legal advice and support on all anti-piracy issues. 


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