Anti corruption

Companies’ efforts to prevent anti corruption have acquired increasing focus both in Sweden and from other countries’ public authorities. Accordingly, anti-corruption should be a central item on the agenda for boards of directors and management. In several jurisdictions, preventive anti corruption work may entail protection against, or at least constitute mitigating circumstances in, legal proceedings. 

Vinge’s best practice within anti corruption work is based upon international requirements which are imposed on companies and includes:

  • Risk assessment
  • Internal controls and routines
  • Reporting of suspicions
  • Internal investigations

Vinge also provides advice in relation to the evaluation of, and legal advice pertaining to, our clients’ existing compliance work and identifying any improvement measures.

An important part of our work consists of identifying and handling corruption risks in connection with transactions and other types of investments. 

We also assist in relation to the preparation of either the whole or parts of a compliance programme and training within anti corruption and investigations. Our lawyers train both boards of directors, employees and business partners.