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We offer legal advice on all matters relating to sports, gaming, gambling and entertainment

A new Gambling Act entered into force in Sweden on 1 January 2019. This law entails that companies that want to offer gambling services on the Swedish market, as a general rule, must apply for - and obtain - a licence. The Gambling Act contains a wide array of rules that set out the framework for a company's ability to organise gambling, such as lotteries and competitions. It is particularly important to know where to draw the line between competitions and lotteries, and what the conditions need to be for the Gambling Act to apply to the activity. There are also important rules that have an impact on the marketing of lotteries and competitions. These include the much-disputed requirement that marketing shall employ a degree of moderation, which applies to all forms of marketing related to gambling.

Within the area of sports, gaming, gambling and entertainment, there are naturally a large number of other legal issues. As one of Sweden's largest and leading full-service law firms, Vinge can provide valuable support in all matters related to sports, gaming, gambling and entertainment.

There are different rules for lotteries and competitions internationally

The legal regulation differs from country to country, even within the EU. The fact that lotteries and competitions usually take place online - and as a result are offered to a wide audience in several countries - organising lotteries and competitions can be legally and strategically complex. This applies not least to the drafting of applicable terms and conditions for a competition as well as for the marketing activities related thereto. It is also becoming increasingly common for lotteries and competitions to be organised on social media. In these situations, the company has to take into account rules and terms and conditions that apply on the specific platform.

Our law firm offers experience-based legal advice. Our expertise covers all rules and terms and conditions that may need to be taken into account when designing and running competitions and lotteries. In addition, we have a network of highly ranked international law and consultancy firms which means that we can always offer access to local expertise in foreign jurisdictions within the field. With many years of experience in structuring and coordinating large-scale legal projects, we can provide legal advice and act as a partner in large cross-border cases, both within and outside the EU.

Legal issues concerning e-sports

E-sports are a fast-growing segment of gaming. The prize money is increasing as more and more people become aware of e-sports. There are many companies involved in sponsorship, marketing and product development. Vinge’s lawyers and legal professionals offer legal support to:

  • players who want to secure the rights to their trademark when entering into sponsorship agreements and/or in agreements with e-sports trade associations
  • game developers who want to secure their rights, such as copyright, to the products they develop
  • platform providers, e.g. in connection with marketing or concerning rights to streamed material

Legal issues concerning global sporting events

Our lawyers have extensive experience in handling complex legal issues related to global sporting events. We have been the legal advisors to the Swedish Olympic Committee (“SOK”) for many years. We have successfully helped build and defend some of SOK’s most valuable intellectual property rights, such as the trademark protected Olympic rings. Other sports organisations and media companies also engage us, in particular in connection with licensing arrangements and protection of copyright, trademarks and other intellectual property rights.

How we can help you deal with issues related to sports, gaming, gambling and entertainment

With the rapid development of the sports, gaming, gambling and entertainment sectors, our law firm has formed a large and specialised team which can provide legal support in all matters related to lotteries, competitions, e-sports and sporting events. Vinge has experts who have many years of experience in a variety of legal disciplines and can offer legal advice on a range of issues, including

  • Production and broadcasting rights
  • Licensing arrangements
  • Sponsorship
  • Permit issues
  • Company law matters
  • Marketing
  • Communication on social media
  • Contracts with athletes and sport venues
  • Dealing with infringements of intellectual property rights

Lawyers with specialist skills in multiple areas

Our law firm offers advice in all relevant areas of law. We aim to forge a smooth path from idea to execution and act as a strong commercial support at all stages of the process. We advise a large number of companies and organisations offering a range of products and services in the field of sports, gaming, gambling and entertainment. Our clients work in the areas of sports, non-profit, betting and casinos, gaming, media production, clothing and IT.

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