Sports, Events, Gaming and Media

Within sectors such as sports, events, gaming and media, specific legal expertise is required which includes consideration and experience of industry-specific aspects and regulations. Vinge can offer you this specialist competence.

We have unique experience of the special conditions which characterise the sports, events, gaming and media sectors and also leading expertise within the practice areas which are often prevalent within these sectors such as contract law, intellectual property law and tax law, as well as regulatory issues.


Sports and events

Vinge regularly advises leading sports organisations in relation to their most business critical and complex issues, and plays a decisive role in those transactions, negotiations and co-operations which change and develop the Swedish sports industry.

Our experts solve any problems which arise within the dynamic sports industry through their in-depth knowledge of the sports industry and understanding of their clients’ operations. Vinge’s experience of advising organisations and individuals within the sports industry enables our experts to find creative and commercial solutions to any complex legal problems which may arise in your specific business.

In addition, we are the exclusive legal adviser to the Swedish Olympics Committee and the Swedish Paralympic Committee and due to our involvement in these engagements we thus possess a unique insight into many current issues pertaining to the Olympic and Paralympic movements. For several years, we have contributed to, among other things, the creation and defence of the most valuable intellectual property rights held by these organisations such as the trademark protected Olympic rings.

Our experts also advise and represent clients regarding other kinds of events such as in conjunction with musical and theatrical performances as well as in connection with various exhibitions.


Vinge’s experts possess extensive knowledge of the applicable regulatory framework which governs gambling and gaming operations and possess substantial experience of representing reputable actors in the industry.


The gambling sector is a heavily regulated industry which garners considerable media and state interest, in particular in light of the industry’s expansion and the development of legislation over the last few years. It is thus decisive for you as an actor in the gambling industry to be able to navigate the dynamic regulatory framework which often affects several different legal areas. With our unique competence we are available to advise on these issues.

In addition to our expertise regarding Swedish gambling legislation, our clients enjoy the benefit of Vinge’s full-service offer concerning other legal areas which may be prevalent within the scope of their operations.


Gaming and e-sports

The unique nature of the gaming industry as well as the expansion and commercialisation of e-sports often gives rise to difficult legal issues concerning a broad spectrum of legal areas which requires multi-disciplinary competence relating to matters such as licence agreements, sponsorship agreements, publishing agreements, marketing issues, consumer rights and company law. Vinge’s experts possess the required experience, insight and knowledge to provide comprehensive legal advice to you as an actor within the industry.


Vinge’s experts provide advice to clients in connection with the marketing and distribution of various media and entertainment services and we also provide legal advice to actors within news distribution. We advise and represent television distributors, publishing companies, advertising agencies and a whole range of other companies which directly or indirectly work with creating, arranging, distributing or marketing of content in print as well as digital media.

We have many years’ experience of handling complex legal issues from media companies, influencers and other actors with a strong presence on various social platforms. Our specialist knowledge includes, inter alia, the specific provisions which regulate marketing of various products and services in different media (radio and television, web sites, social media, direct mail, printed media, store exposure, etc.). We also have specific experience of the important delimitation concerning the areas of freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

We can provide advice regarding negotiations concerning co-operation and licensing agreements with both national as well as international agencies and media agencies. In addition, we also have in-depth experience of creating, commercialising and defending valuable intellectual property rights such as copyright and trademark rights. We always provide bespoke advice pertaining to your current situation and help you to safeguard your interests. We continually monitor industry developments and current case law in order to be able to provide you with advice regarding current issues as they may arise.


Key offerings

Vinge has kept in step with the rapid developments in the field of sports, events, gaming and media and has created a large and specialised team who can provide legal support regarding all issues pertaining to, among other things, sporting events, player transfers, organisational reviews, e-sports, competitions, lotteries, television productions, advertising collaborations, management and agency relationships, etc. Vinge’s experts, who have many years’ experience of a great range of different legal disciplines, are able to offer legal advice concerning, among other things:

  • permit and licensing issues
  • creation, commercialisation and defence of intellectual property rights and assets
  • company law issues  
  • co-operation agreements
  • agency agreements
  • agreements with sports persons and arenas
  • player transfers
  • e-sports
  • sponsorships
  • production and transmission rights
  • social media communications
  • marketing issues
  • licence agreements
  • company and business transfers


Vinge offers advice in all relevant legal areas. We endeavour to facilitate the path from idea to execution and act as powerful business support during every stage of the process. We advise a large number of companies and organisations who are active in the sport, gaming and media industries.