Foundations and associations

In the complex world of foundations and associations, it is important to collaborate with a partner who not only has a deep understanding of the complex legal frameworks but also can apply them strategically to achieve your goals. With our expertise and experience, Vinge can be the strategic partner enabling your organization's success.


A foundation is a legal entity with independent property that is managed for a specific purpose. A foundation has no owners or members and is formed by a founder deciding how certain property should be used. This makes foundations a unique form of association in Sweden and particularly suitable for long-term purposes and objectives.

Creating and running a foundation requires not only vision and passion, but also a solid legal foundation. We are here to ensure that your foundation not only fulfils all legal requirements but is also equipped for the future. With our support, you can focus on your foundation's purpose, while we take care of the legalities.


An association is a group of people who come together in relation to a common interest or purpose. It can be anything from sport, culture and charitable purposes to community involvement or management of property or common interests. There are different types of associations in Sweden, and they have historically formed an important part of the social system; the most common associations are non-profit associations and economic associations.

Whatever the type of organisation, there is often a need for those managing the organisation to navigate a complex legal landscape, from membership and board work to funding and operational rules. We are here to help you make this journey as easy and efficient as possible. 

Our service offering

Our commitment is to your success. Through our proactive partnership, we can help with, among other things:

  • Establishment and registration of foundations and associations.
  • Interpretation of statutes or similar documentation.
  • Training of managers or board members.
  • Support in relation to compliance issues and risk management.
  • Representation in legal disputes.
  • Preparation and negotiation of contracts with third parties.
  • Advice on strategies and efficiency.

In addition to our expertise in the law governing foundations and associations, our clients benefit greatly from Vinge's full-service offering in other areas of law that may arise in our clients' operations.

Vinge offers advice within all relevant areas of law. We endeavour to facilitate the path from idea to execution in a smooth manner and act as a strong business support provider at all stages of the process.

Contact us today to discuss how we can support your vision.