The fast pace of technological development has made it possible for businesses to compile and manage large amounts of data. This creates new possibilities but also legal challenges.

The EU has designated the 2020s as the Digital Decade. As a part of the EU’s digital strategy, several new legislative acts which concern the use of data have been adopted and/or proposed, such as the Data Act and the Data Management Act. The EU’s vision is that data (which does not constitute personal data) shall be able to flow freely between countries and sectors, and be used by companies, scientists and public authorities throughout the entire EU on equal terms. Which rights and obligations exist regarding a company’s data? What needs to be considered by a company when using or sharing data? What are the most appropriate agreements concerning different issues regarding the actualisation of sharing or licensing of data?

Vinge’s specialists within data protection and technology have broad experience of advising our clients regarding issues concerning personal information and other data.

Our legal advice includes, inter alia:

  • The mapping of applicable sector or technology specific legislation; 
  • The preparation and negotiations of different types of agreements such as data sharing agreements, research and development agreements, licensing agreements, collaboration agreements, development agreements, etc.;
  • Client customised analyses of current and new treatment of data followed by a tailored action plan regarding how the requirements of the applicable regulatory framework can be fulfilled in practice;
  • Intellectual property rights risks and protection possibilities in conjunction with the collation, storing and use of data, including specific rules regarding protection of trade secrets.

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