Internal investigations

Reacting to information and suspicions of regulatory breaches is a necessary part of effective compliance work.

In this context, to react means that:

  • Professional and legally compliant internal investigations are performed
  • Correct employment law measures are taken
  • Any weaknesses in the compliance work are identified and modified 

Supervisory authorities in other countries impose stringent requirements on a company’s ability to react to corruption and, for example, in the US and the UK, a company’s conduct in connection with a corruption incident affects whether the authorities commence an investigation against the company or not. 

Vinge has specialists with considerable experience of investigating corruption and internal misconduct and the team which is available, depending upon the nature and complexity of the investigation, are specialists within the following areas:

  • Investigation processes
  • Employment law
  • Company and contract law
  • Tax law
  • Disputes
  • GDPR

Our investigation procedures follow international best practice and entail that we collect facts, among other things, by performing:

  • Document reviews (agreements, invoices, internal regulatory framework, etc.) 
  • Analyses of electronic information (e-mail, mobile phones and other storage media)
  • Interviews with witnesses and relevant individuals

We also provide assistance in relation to contacts with the relevant supervisory authorities and act as counsel in conjunction with any court proceedings.