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There are extensive rules about product labelling. There are many laws and government regulations that determine what information must be printed on the label and how and where it must appear on the product. The label is often the only information that consumers and other users receive about the product. That is why it is particularly important that product labelling provides the information required by the rules. Incorrect product labelling risks misleading the company’s customers and can also lead to tough sanctions for the company. It is therefore very important to have knowledge of the regulatory framework. Vinge’s experts have extensive experience in these matters.

What does product labelling mean?

Product labelling can serve many functions. Product labelling is often used as a marketing tool, with the aim of highlighting the company’s product in company’s product in competition with other products. For example, the label may refer to environmental aspects, health impacts or sustainability issues. Sometimes it is also compulsory to provide specific information about the product or its packaging.
At the same time, the label must comply with regulatory requirements. These requirements may relate, for example, to the content, purpose, use or safe use of the product. The requirements vary depending on the type of product the label refers to. In a large number of sectors, the rules are both complex and far-reaching. A few examples are medicinal products, medical devices, chemical products and cosmetics. Certain groups of foods are also subject to specific labelling rules, such as food supplements and baby food.
Product labels are checked regularly. It is an area that is subject to ongoing supervision by municipalities and relevant authorities, such as the Medical Products Agency. Incorrect labelling can lead to orders such as the withdrawal of a product from the market or the imposition of fines.

The regulations differ internationally

The rules on product labelling differ from country to country in several respects. For distribution across borders, it is usually necessary to modify the product labelling to the rules applicable in different jurisdictions.

Our lawyers are extremely experienced in giving advice on international distribution and product launches. We have an international network of top-rated law and consultancy firms, and together with them, we can ensure that your business always has access to local expertise.

How we can help you deal with matters related to product labelling

Our lawyers review and advise on product labelling in a whole range of sectors, for example, chemicals, medicinal products, medical devices, cosmetics, food, and other consumer products. We also have extensive experience in representing companies, including in regulatory matters before authorities and in court. Our constructive advice can help ensure that your company’s product labelling is in compliance with current regulations.

Lawyers with wide experience within multiple legal areas

The company’s products are not only subject to special regulatory provisions on product labelling. Information that is provided in connection with marketing and sale of products is also subject to general rules on advertising and commercial communication, including the rules of the Marketing Act. Marketing directed towards consumers must comply also comply with the applicable rules in the field of consumer law. In addition, there are several rules that determine how products may be designed and what products can contain. Some products cannot be sold without certain authorisation. When manufacturing, launching, distributing and marketing products, it is important to ensure that the company complies with all regulations and requirements.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in making the required assessments of products and product labelling in a wide range of industries. Our law firm can offer a wide range of expertise and tailor-made advice within all relevant areas. Our clients include companies in the following sectors: medical products, food, clothing, telecommunications, media, energy and manufacturing.

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