Corporate Crime & Compliance

In Sweden, as in many other countries, companies and their representatives are subject to stringent requirements governing the conduct of operations in accordance with national and international anti corruption legislation. In particular, stringent requirements are imposed upon the companies’ ability to prevent, discover and react to corruption offences. 

The Corporate Crime & Compliance team has specialists with considerable experience within anti corruption, handling of misconduct and internal investigations. For example, we have team members with a background from the Financial Intelligence Unit, the Swedish Police’s National Corruption Group and the UN’s internal investigations organ.

Our advice is based upon international best practice and includes the following main areas:

  • Evaluation of existing anti-corruption work
  • Preparation and implementation of risk based compliance programmes regarding anti corruption
  • Due Diligence of business relations and in conjunction with M&A 
  • Investigations and handling of incidents and suspected misconduct

Our combined expertise

The Corporate Crime & Compliance team has access to the entire firm’s competence and can advise on individual matters which need to be considered in connection with a company’s regulatory compliance work.

Anti corruption

Vinge’s Corporate Crime & Compliance team assists clients within various sectors and industries in Sweden and internationally. We evaluate, draft and provide advice in relation to the implementation of compliance programmes regarding anti corruption based on both the Swedish and international regulatory framework within the area. 

Vinge is a member of Transparency International Sweden’s Corporate Supporters’ Forum and actively supports the Forum’s work.

Internal investigations

A larger and more complex incident often requires legal expertise within several legal areas. Accordingly, we have access to the entire firm’s competence in relation to the provision of our advice. When you meet us in connection with an incident which has either been discovered or is suspected, you have the entire competence of the firm available to be able to quickly identify the issues which need to be investigated and what other measures that need to be taken. 

The team according to ranking institutes

The ranking institute Chambers and Partners notes that "the team takes a hands‑on approach and produces a good work product in a short timeframe."

Latest news

The importance of continuous focus on compliance procedures in disrupting times

A large number of corporations will most certainly be severely impacted by the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. The new challenges will impact companies’ compliance risks, which are likely to be different and, to a certain extent, increased. It is crucial that - also in disrupting times - internal compliance procedures are maintained and that new risks are identified and mitigated.

May 28, 2020

The global reach of OFAC sanctions

Sanctions imposed by OFAC have a global reach and therefore also an impact on any company involved in international trade. The legal basis can sometimes be questioned, but in practice there is no option but to abide, since a breach can cause very high fines. Companies are therefore well advised to implement compliance programmes taking into consideration sanctions imposed by OFAC.

April 15, 2020

Covid-19: Checklist of legal issues for companies

Updated 9 September 2020. We have gathered together a number of questions and answers which we frequently encounter in our practice to help companies navigate the situation.

March 27, 2020