Legal adviser to the Swedish Olympic Committee

Vinge entered into a long-term co-operation in 2016 with the Swedish Olympic Committee (SOC) as the official legal adviser on business law.

Vinge and the SOC make a perfect match. The SOC’s values are aligned with how Vinge operates: to be leaders in our discipline and to reach the top together. Two organisations, each made up of talented individuals who build strong teams in different areas, and support and help each other to success.

In sport, the legal playing field has grown in importance. There needs to be a clear strategy for how to deal with important, sensitive subjects. Vinge’s team is there to offer guidance on various legal issues.

“Rights and trademark issues, contract law and corporate issues are areas where Vinge’s advanced expertise and long experience can benefit Sweden’s ever growing Olympic activities. We are delighted to start working with an already strongly committed partner that’s at the top of its game,” says Peter Reinebo, SOC Head of Operations.

The Olympic rings are one of the most widely recognised symbols in the world. They are also the best‑protected non commercial trademark. Being a business law adviser for SOC means being part of this work.

When our co‑operation with the SOC began, the Summer Olympics in Rio were about to start. The SOC needed help to defend the Olympic rings. Our intellectual property specialists assisted the SOC and intervened against the companies that were misusing the SOC’s trademarks in various marketing contexts. Since then, Vinge’s intellectual property specialists have successfully defended the SOC’s trademarks on numerous occasions, before, during, and after all Olympic Summer and Winter Games.

As always, we are at our best when we can roll up our sleeves and work hands on. Our great motivation is to iron out legal tangles, as smoothly as possible. Just like an athlete, we always aim to find the most direct route to the finish line.