Corporate Immigration

Global mobility is a key issue for employers operating in an international environment. Vinge assists companies with strategic advice on the transfer of global competences. Our advice covers both employment law and migration law concerns that arise for companies when employees work across national borders.


Vinge's service offering under Corporate Immigration mainly consists of:

  • Advice to employers in relation to the recruitment of non-EU/EEA nationals.
  • Advising on cross-border projects involving global labour.
  • Ongoing advice to employers on various types of work and residence permit issues.
  • Advice to foreign employers which want to establish on the Swedish labour market.

Global labour and permit issues

We advise established companies which regularly recruit non-EU/EEA citizens as well as companies and start-ups with limited or no previous experience of work permits or associated migration law matters. Vinge assists with various types of permit issues related to companies in Sweden wishing to employ foreign labour, including work permits, ICT permits and EU blue cards. We regularly assist employers in various industries, throughout the entire application process or with advice linked to specific questions, e.g., regarding livelihood requirements, employment terms and conditions and compensation solutions.

Our advice

Today's globalised business world entails constant regulatory changes and changed practice. We continuously follow developments in Swedish and international law related to Corporate Immigration. A distinctive feature of our advice is that we also offer qualified legal services in related matters concerning compliance, liability for companies and representatives, tax, policies and insurance. Our advice also includes appeals against expulsion decisions.

Our collective expertise

Our Corporate Immigration team has a strong business focus and extensive experience in assisting international clients in the above areas. Our lawyers handle everything from day-to-day advice to assisting with advanced legal analyses and the preparation and review of permit applications. Through our extensive international network of leading law firms, we can also offer integrated cross-border advice.

Thanks to Vinge's full-service business law offering, we can provide support in all business law matters.