Manage your sustainability risks and capitalise on your sustainability opportunities

To enable your organisation to manage sustainability risks, take advantage of sustainability opportunities and be better equipped to face the complex legal, strategic, financial and operational changes, Vinge's ESG advice is an integral part of our full-service business law offering.

Sound business law advice in the ESG landscape

In the coming decade, the societal transition is expected to dominate politics and economics, as societal actors adapt to the long-term temperature targets of the Paris Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. With the transition comes increasing demands from regulators, investors and customers on businesses. Meeting the requirements of the new complex and comprehensive sustainability regulatory framework presents not only major challenges but also opportunities.

The new ESG landscape brings with it legal, commercial and reputational risks and here we help our clients to prioritise the right business solutions. Making a difference and being business-driven are not mutually exclusive when new opportunities arise.

Vinge's ESG specialists, who are top-ranked by international ranking agencies and in client surveys, have significant experience in navigating ESG and sustainability issues, seizing opportunities while maximising your long-term financial stability and growth. Our co-ordinated expertise is engaged on multiple levels and the team is assembled according to your current needs. We identify the issues that need to be investigated and the actions that need to be taken. With an understanding of your business and how the outside world may affect the conditions pertaining thereto, we are one step ahead in the most complex details of the law, where we walk side by side with you through your deal. We look ahead, reflect on ongoing investigations, and help you adopt a position before legislation is enacted.

Long-term sustainability is an integral part of our full-service offering, where you have access to ESG-related advice in the following practice areas:

Corporate Crime & Compliance

As companies are increasingly required to identify, prevent and manage direct and indirect risks associated with business operations and business relationships, we provide advice and reviews from an ESG perspective. This strengthens your ability to prevent, detect and respond to corruption offences and other irregularities - both in Sweden and in conjunction with international transactions. We also evaluate, design and assist with the implementation of compliance programmes (e.g. linked to the UN Global Compact, the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the Convention against Corruption, Agenda 2030 and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises) and create appropriate frameworks to promote good corporate governance. You receive assistance to conduct business activities that contribute to the maintenance of human rights and international labour rights. An important part of our work is to identify and manage risks associated with transactions and other types of investments. In addition, we work on issues related to whistleblowing, internal investigations, and much more to help you manage the risks specific to your business.

The team, which includes employees with a background from the Swedish Economic Crime Authority, the Swedish Police Authority's national corruption group and the UN's internal investigation body, works cross-functionally on all issues in Vinge's ESG offering. As preventive measures are often the best, we offer bespoke compliance programmes and training packages.

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Sustainable Finance

Since the launch of the EU's Sustainable Finance Action Plan (SFAP), a number of detailed regulatory provisions have been developed at EU level to promote and integrate environmental, social and governance aspects into investment decisions and economic activities. Our advice covers all of the regulatory frameworks developed under the Sustainable Finance Action Plan, such as the Regulation on sustainability-related disclosures in the financial services sector (SFDR), the Taxonomy Regulation, the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and the sustainability risk management requirements of Solvency II. We advise financial market participants on how to interpret, implement and apply these regulatory frameworks. We assist our clients with everything from developing or reviewing sustainability policies and sustainability-related disclosures in information brochures and annual reports to providing advice on the classification of financial products under the SFDR, the interaction between the SFDR and the Taxonomy Regulation and the management of sustainability risks in the business.

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Banking and Finance

Sustainable investments should be ethically aligned with modern corporate governance principles and risk management, while making economic sense in terms of value creation. Capital markets are increasingly moving in this direction. Investment mandates, processes, reporting and much more need to be reviewed, but determining which ESG factors matter is not always easy. We offer advice on all forms of financial transactions, including debt and capital market financing, as well as derivatives and reorganisations.

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International Trade

Success in international trade requires a global approach based on a thorough understanding of the ever-changing legal, commercial and political factors that influence the web of laws and regulations governing international trade. You will receive assistance with purchase agreements, logistics and transport contracts, as well as issues related to import and export, tax and customs, litigation, IP, insurance and competition. Our involvement in the early stages of a commercial relationship means that you can focus on the business and compete at the top in established and emerging markets, knowing that we will help you identify and minimise risks.

You will have access to Vinge's full range of expertise and international network, where we also offer advice on related issues that need to be considered as part of the company's regulatory compliance.

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Environmental Law

Our environmental law advice ranges from permit processes to regulatory and remediation matters. We help you to identify existing and potential challenges, where we present solutions and assist in contacts with public agencies, county administrative boards, municipalities, public agencies and the public, as well as in court proceedings. Among other things, we help you deal with issues that arise in the operation of environmentally hazardous activities and water operations, and we clarify, for example, who is responsible for remedying environmental damage.

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Employment Law

It is all about the people and the conditions you create as a company. That is why we provide you with strategic advice and solutions on contractual provisions that may arise in connection with acquisitions, reorganisations as well as pension schemes and incentive structures. We help you understand your regulatory environment and your obligations as an employer to achieve effective ESG management. If you run a multinational business, we can help you, for example, with the establishment of European Works Councils and cross-border acquisitions.

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Company Law, Contract Law, M&A and Stock Market Law

In cases such as capital raising, public and private mergers and acquisitions, and IPOs, ESG-related corporate law and other issues come into focus. For example, you will receive advice on how to deal with corporate governance issues, risk management and complex structural projects, such as joint ventures, restructurings and incorporations.


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Company Law

Corporate Commercial

Capital Markets and Public M&A



EU and Competition Law

Legislation in the ESG field means that forward-looking expertise in EU and international trade law is needed to ensure proper management of acquisitions, mergers and joint ventures. We draft and review both agreements and business strategies from a sustainability perspective.

You will receive assistance in areas such as state aid, public procurement, transactional and litigation matters. We regularly represent clients before the relevant public agencies and administrative courts. Our extensive sectoral experience in regulatory matters relating to telecommunications, energy, transport and media makes us particularly well placed to represent clients affected by market and sectoral regulation.

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Access to energy is essential for an efficient society. As an actor within the energy industry, you and your business play a central role in creating a sustainable society. Whatever type of legal advice you need, we can provide the legal services required throughout the lifecycle of a project to help you identify and realise new investments, as well as preserve those already made. We have expertise and extensive experience advising in all areas of the energy industry, with a focus on renewable energy sources.

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What does ESG involve?

The term ESG itself stands for Environmental (E), Social (S) and Governance (G) and is a way of analysing companies from a non-financial perspective.* It means evaluating a company's environmental impact (E), responsibility for its employees and society (S), and how effectively a company is governed, which is crucial for sustainability over time (G).

*Example of analysis areas:


Carbon footprint, Emissions, Water consumption, Waste, Impact on biodiversity


Working conditions, Labour relations, Supplier relations, Customer relations, Charitable activities, Community involvement


Board composition, Allocation of managerial positions based on, inter alia, gender balance and diversity, Prevention of bribery and corruption, Internal controls, Shareholders' rights, Avoidance of conflicts of interest in relation to a board of directors