Trade Secrets

We provide legal advice on trade secrets

The growth of the digital information society and the Internet of Things, combined with rapidly changing trends in innovation, have created increased demand for intellectual capital, information and know-how. Companies that take in pro-active and strategic measures to protect their trade secrets and know how to use them commercially can gain significant commercial advantages.

Internal processes are important to protect trade secrets

Protecting a registered intellectual property right to achieve exclusivity is not always the best commercial solution for companies wanting to protect valuable information or technology from competition. It is important to be aware of the Trade Secrets Act and know how to apply it in a range of situations. Selecting which protection is right for a specific company requires knowledge and experience. As a result, knowledge about the acquisition, development and application of a company's trade secrets is highly valuable when competing with other companies.

Both small and large companies should have internal processes in place that ensure their know-how and confidential information are protected.

Issues related to trade secrets that you need to consider:

  • Is confidentiality sufficiently protected in the company's contracts with its employees, consultants, suppliers and partners?
  • Who has access to confidential information?
  • Are internal procedures and technical safeguards in place to ensure that only people who need to have access to the information actually have access to it?

How we can help you deal with trade secrets

Our lawyers are experts on the Trade Secrets Act and its application. We can help you protect your company's know-how and confidential information using legal and strategic measures, employee training, regular security input and documentation management. We also offer help to defend the company’s rights if there is suspicion of unlawful use of the company’s trade secrets.

We offer tailored legal advice on the following types of assignments:

  • Drafting and negotiating agreements to keep sensitive and valuable information confidential, such as non-disclosure agreements, research and development agreements, various types of cooperation agreements in the field of industrial technology and clinical trials agreements
  • Assistance in drafting procedures and policies for the acquisition, safeguarding, development and application of the company’s confidential information
  • Evaluating the protection of valuable confidential information in the context of insurance cases and various types of transactions
  • As counsel in disputes relating to trade secrets in the ordinary courts or before arbitration tribunals, for example in cases of unwarranted challenges against trade secrets or disputes related to employment law matters

Lawyers with specialist skills in multiple areas

Protecting trade secrets often overlaps with other strategic advice where we work closely with other specialists in the areas of market law, competition law, commercial contracts, employment law, financial services, and private and public M&A.

We are the largest providers in Sweden of full-service commercial and intellectual property law. Our law firm can offer a wide range of expertise and tailor-made advice within several areas of the law. We help companies in all sectors. Our clients include companies in the following sectors: food, clothing, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, software solutions, media, energy and manufacturing.

Comprehensive protection offers optimal protection options

A strategic, comprehensive solution which involves several areas of law, for example employment law, is often the most effective way to protect trade secrets. This often requires partnerships with security and IT companies to reduce the risk of attacks. Unfortunately, attacks sometimes occur from within the company and many attacks can have criminal dimensions. Vinge has a special corporate crime team consisting of employees who have previously worked in the police and prosecution services. As a result, Vinge can offer investigative services that these authorities are not able to provide, while our employees can represent a key interface for contacts with police and prosecutors.

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