New counsels appointed at Vinge's Gothenburg office

November 10, 2023

Paula Bäckdén and Carl Lönnqvist have been appointed as counsels at Vinge's Gothenburg office. They will take up their new roles at the end of the year and in February 2024 respectively.

Paula Bäckdén works as an advokat in Vinge's maritime and transport law practice group in Gothenburg. She is one of Sweden's leading specialists within maritime and transport law and has a PhD in maritime law. Paula joined Vinge in 2018 and has previously, among other things, served as an adjunct member of the Court of Appeal, worked as a university lecturer and doctoral student in maritime and transport law and had the role of foreign lawyer at Holland & Knight LLP in New York. Paula will take up her new role on 1 January 2024.

Carl Lönnqvist began his career at Vinge as an associate in 2015 after five years in Brussels as a civil engineer at GDF Suez, now Engie, and additional legal studies. Since 2021, he has worked as Legal Counsel IP within the Volvo Group where he handles intellectual property disputes for the group's companies and provides advice in various respects within this area. Carl will return to Vinge in the role of counsel in February 2024.

"With her experience, Paula will complement Vinge Gothenburg's already strong offering within maritime and transport law. One of the many acknowledgements of her broad competence is her appointment as Sweden's average adjuster. Paula is also a popular leader with a genuine interest in management issues and the development of junior lawyers. Carl has a solid background in litigation, IP and patents and by virtue of his experience he will give us a long-awaited addition of expertise, especially in IP and patents. Paula and Carl are both very competent lawyers and popular colleagues and we are very pleased to appoint them as counsel", says Anna Palmérus, managing partner at Vinge Göteborg.

Paula Bäckdén is Sweden's new average adjuster