Robin Sultani

  • Stockholm
  • Languages:
    Swedish, English

Practice Areas


  • Uppsala University, LLM, 2021
  • University of Victoria, studies in political science and philosophy, 2019


  • Roschier Attorneys Ltd, March 2021 – August 2022


Mandate January 23, 2023

Vinge advises Lekland in conjunction with merger with Finnish HopLop

Vinge has advised Litorina’s portfolio company Leos Lekland in conjunction with its merger with the…

Mandate December 19, 2022

Vinge advises Roima Intelligence Oy

Vinge advises Roima Intelligence Oy, a portfolio company of Intera Partners, in connection with the…

Mandate October 20, 2022

Vinge advises Spring Media in conjunction with its acquisition of Athletic Sports Group

Vinge has advised Spring Media in conjunction with its acquisition of the Dutch based sports media a…

Mandate October 10, 2022

Vinge advises Helix Kapital in conjunction with an investment in L5 Navigation Systems

Vinge has advised Helix Kapital in connection with L5 Navigation Systems inviting Helix Kapital to b…