Wibeke Sorling appointed as new partner

October 27, 2021

Commencing 1 January 2022, Wibeke Sorling will become a partner at Vinge’s Gothenburg office.

Anna Palmerus, Managing Partner of the Gothenburg office, states:

"Wibeke is an important part of the M&A team in Gothenburg, with long and solid experience in both private and public M&A, as well as commercial agreements. Wibeke will thus make a welcome addition to join Magnus and Anders at partner level in our M&A practice group.

In addition to client work, Wibeke has great interest in, and commitment to, leadership and knowledge sharing. By virtue of her strong and genuine commitment to Vinge as a firm, Wibeke is an excellent representative of Vinge and the values we embrace. We wish Wibeke a very warm welcome to the partnership!”

Vinge hones its offering within capital requirements and risk management in the financial services sector

In order to further strenghthen its service offering within the Banking & Finance and Regulatory practice area, Vinge has formed a team within the capital requirements and risk management in the financial services sector. Torbjörn Jacobsson, whose background includes, among other things, head of risk in the banking sector, has been recruited to lead the group as a senior specialist in relation to issues concerning financial risks and capital requirements.
November 30, 2021

Emelie Svensäter Jerntorp appointed as new partner

Commencing 1 January 2022, Emelie Svensäter Jerntorp will become a partner at Vinge’s Skåne office.
November 19, 2021

Sweden proposes a new law on investment screening which will have significant implications for transactions

Contrary to the situation in many other countries, there are currently only limited possibilities to regulate or prevent foreign direct investments in Sweden that could entail risks to Swedish security interests. Existing regulatory frameworks, such as the Protective Security Act (Sw. Säkerhetsskyddslagen), are limited to certain areas, to certain activities and to specific situations. The final report of the Inquiry of foreign direct investments (Sw. Granskning av utländska direktinvesteringar), published on 1 November 2021, puts forward a proposal for new legislation to address this gap.
November 04, 2021