Foreign direct investments – what applies in conjunction with security-sensitive activities?

Sweden is one of only a few EU countries which currently does not have a general regulation governing foreign direct investments. However, a legislative proposal is expected this spring. Vinge provides an overview of the current Swedish legal position in the Sweden chapter relating to Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) in the International Comparative Legal Guide.

What requirements apply when a so-called security sensitive activity is transferred? What applies according to the provisions of the Swedish Protective Security Act, and what is to be expected in the legislative proposal which is expected this spring?

Vinge’s chapter in the International Comparative Legal Guide, written by Martin Johansson and Victoria Fredén, provides a practical and clear summary of the effect of the provisions of the Swedish Protective Security Act on transactions of different types. Among other things, the chapter provides an account of which investments and investors are covered by the regulatory framework. It also covers which sectors are of particular significance, and what sanctions may be imposed if an activity fails to comply with the statutory requirements.

The chapter can be read in its entirety here.

Do you have any questions concerning Foreign Direct Investments?  Please contact Martin Johansson, Daniel Wendelsson, Anders Leissner or Victoria Fredén.

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