Vinge advises on the sale of Barium to InRule

September 01, 2021

Vinge has advised Nidoco AB and other shareholders in connection with the sale of Barium AB to InRule Technology, Inc.

Barium is a SaaS company which assists organisations and employees to improve efficiency and to future‑proof their working methods and processes by offering an innovative web service where smart IT support and applications can be created so that the operations can be followed up, maintained and easily improved.

Vinge’s team primarily consisted of Johan WinnerbladDesirée Hagenfeldt, Anna Thoms, Gustav PerssonAmanda Steen, Nathalie Hughes, Christoffer Widström and Viktoria Owetz Leyva.

Arbitration proceedings between a Member State and an investor from another Member State further curtailed – the judgment of the EU Court of Justice in PL Holdings

Following the much debated judgment by the CJEU in Achmea, arbitration clauses in bilateral investment treaties between Member States under which an investor in one of those Member States may bring proceedings against the other Member State are considered incompatible with EU law. However, the judgment in Achmea seemed to leave it open whether an arbitration agreement between a Member State and an investor from another Member State not based on such a clause would be considered acceptable by the CJEU. Yesterday’s ruling by the Court in the Swedish case PL Holdings (Case C-109/20) dealt with one aspect of this question, resulting in further limits to investment arbitration in the EU.
October 27, 2021

New statute prohibits unfair terms and conditions and practices in conjunction with the purchase of agricultural and food products

The so-called UTP Act prohibits buyers from using certain terms and conditions and practices against suppliers of agricultural and food products. The Swedish Competition Authority exercises supervision and can, among other things, carry out unannounced inspections and order individual to attend formal interviews. In conjunction with violations, sanctions such as injunctions subject to a default fine or a sanction fee of up to one per cent of the buyer’s annual turnover can be imposed. The UTP Act will enter into force on 1 November 2021 and will also be applicable to contracts which are entered into prior to this date.
October 05, 2021

Vinge employs additional antitrust economists to further strengthen its practice

We welcome Adam Löfquist and Carl Widstrand to our EU, Competition & Regulatory practice group.
September 30, 2021