EU, Competition and Regulatory

The team gives expert advice in both traditional and ground-breaking matters relating to M&A, commercial disputes, state aid and public procurement. It also advises on regulation in sectors including telecommunications, energy, transport and media.

Competition law is the core of our practice area. In corporate acquisitions, mergers and joint ventures we help with analysis, project management, contacts and negotiations with the European Commission, and with Swedish and foreign competition authorities.

We draft and review contracts and business strategies, and we have successfully supported clients in a wide range of important cases relating to abuse of dominant position and suspected cartel collusion.

As prevention is often better than cure, we also provide bespoke EU and competition law compliance programmes and training packages.

Our lawyers are regularly retained as counsel before courts or tribunals in claims for damages or other civil proceedings that have an EU or competition law element.

State aid and trade-related issues

We represent complainants as well as recipients and providers of
state aid in complaints or notifications to the EU Commission, and in domestic proceedings. The team also has significant expertise in other fields of EU law including free movement, environment and energy, employment, VAT and product safety, and international trade mandates.

Regulatory expertise

Our extensive experience makes us particularly well placed to act for clients who operate under market and sector regulation. We regularly represent clients before the relevant authorities and administrative courts.

In telecommunications we advise clients such as telecom, satellite and mobile broadband operators. In the media sector we act for distributors of cable and satellite TV and broadcasters, among others. Our clients also include large energy companies and private equity funds, as well as investors focusing on renewable energy projects.

Public procurement

We act for suppliers and procuring entities across all sectors. Our experts have many years’ experience in public procurement and related legal areas, and advise on legal and strategic issues throughout the procurement process. We can draft appeal applications in public procurement cases, review tender request documents, and review and assess tenders.
We can also help with damages litigation in regular courts, disputes based on procured agreements, and advice related to confidentiality issues.

Our collective expertise

Vinge’s EU, Competition and Regulatory team comprises around 30 specialists at our offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Helsingborg and Brussels. Leading Swedish and international publications rank Vinge’s team and its individual lawyers among the best in the Nordic region.

Sharing our knowledge and experience is an integral part of our service. As we help clients navigate complex regulations, we take care to build strong relationships with them.

What the ranking organisations say

Strengths: A client remarks that the lawyers are "easy and efficient to work with," as well as "very responsive." Chambers & Partners 2022

A highly skilled team. You always feel that you receive top-notch advice which is pragmatic and solutions driven.

‘They have a thorough knowledge about our business and also an overall understanding of our organisation and decision-making process. In many cases this is key for delivering truly useful advice for me as in-house counsel and for the business.‘

‘Outstanding competence in competition, especially the ability to combine economic and legal aspects.‘

‘Very strong knowledge of their field, well-connected internationally with other law firms and with the EU Commission, very responsive and always available. Also commercial in their approach and always finds a solution.‘ - (Legal 500 2020)

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