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Vinge employs Sweden’s leading anti-corruption expert

July 06, 2015 About the firm Career

Vinge has employed CSR expert and human rights lawyer Parul Sharma who has worked at Sandvik and Stora Enso and who is currently at CSR Sweden. She will be responsible for formulating anti-corruption programmes – something which is increasingly requested by Vinge’s clients.

Handling corruption issues is becoming increasingly important for companies which grow globally. In 2017, 2,000 Swedish companies with more than 250 employees will be required to report on environmental issues, social issues, human rights and anti-corruption and how they manage such issues.

”The more stringent legislation and companies’ increased awareness that internal programmes must be in place means that more companies are turning to Vinge for help” says Maria–Pia Hope, Vinge’s CEO and continues:

”Our clients have more demands than previously for compliance advice. That is why we have recruited Parul Sharma – Sweden’s most outstanding expert in this area.”

Parul Sharma has provided CSR training to 350 companies India, China, Finland, Sweden and Argentina as the Rector of the Academy for Human Rights in Business.  In 2010-2012, she was ranked as one of Sweden’s most influential CSR experts. In 2013 and 2014 she was listed as one of the most influential persons in relation to environmental issues. Parul Sharma has lived and worked in South East Asia for 8 years and has 15 years’ experience of so-called high risk countries.

At Vinge Parul Sharma will have the title of Head of Anti-corruption and Bribery Programmes and she will assist companies at an investment phase, due diligence within the area of anti-corruption and with the preventative work pertaining thereto.

”If companies do not start to actively focus on these issues this will have an effect on their commercial transactions. Lack of knowledge and insight will have a direct effect on the bottom line”, says Parul Sharma.

”It is not enough to put out individual fires when a crisis occurs. It is the long-term work with leadership and a management system which generates results”, says Parul Sharma.

She will start working at Vinge in September and will also continue as Rector of the he Academy for Human Rights in Business.

For further information, please contact:

Maria-Pia Hope, CEO Vinge, + 46 (0) 10 614 31 27
Parul Sharma, +46 (0) 70 873 57 11

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