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Vinge Dude Diligence – for improved gender equality

May 11, 2022

Vinge is one of Sweden’s leading law firms and the country’s leading provider of M&A services. In 2021 Vinge advised on 167 transactions with a combined value of EUR 52 billion. To provide a better understanding of gender equality at companies prior to an acquisition, sale or merger, the due diligence process has now been expanded.

Dude Diligence is an additional service to the Vinge due diligence process. This involves an analysis of a company’s gender equality of senior management, boards, and other key roles, along with the equality goals. Through this Vinge hope to contribute to equality, help to make it happen quicker, and create added value for clients and society.

Research shows that companies perform better with a similar number of women and men in senior positions, says Maria-Pia Hope, Vinge, CEO. It has been a matter of course for me to drive the discussion on equality at Vinge. Every day, we help our clients with acquisitions, sales and mergers. With Dude Diligence we want to develop a tool as part of our core business that actively contributes to improved gender equality in the business world.

The business world is far from gender equal in Sweden. There remains a disparity between the numbers of women and men in senior positions, across the entire labour market. Men remain in the majority of senior positions and are overrepresented on boards.

In 2014 Vinge set a five-year target of ensuring fifty percent of new partners were women and were the first law firm in the country to work with these types of equality goals.

As one of the country’s leading law firms and the leading provider of M&A services, we want to use our size and position to offer concrete tools that can contribute to gender equality in the business world, says Jonas Bergström, Vinge’s Head of M&A in Stockholm. We’ve seen how better equality distribution at senior level delivers increased success for businesses, and we are more than happy to shine a light on how targeted companies address socially relevant issues.



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The REPowerEU Plan – The EU Commission’s response to the energy market disruptions

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May 24, 2022

Sanctions update April 14

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