Per Kjellstrand

Economic Crime Expert
  • Stockholm
  • Languages:
    Swedish, English

Per Kjellstrand was previously employed as prosecutor at the Swedish Prosecution Authority and the Swedish Economic Crime Authority from 2004 to 2020. Per specialises in economic crime and financial market crime. While at the Swedish Economic Crime Authority, Per was involved with work concerning the Swedish Financial Market Chamber. Per has extensive experience of heading complex preliminary investigations and litigation in matters concerning financial reporting offences, fraud, credit fraud and insider crime. In his role at Vinge, Per will be focusing on assisting Swedish and international enterprises in a variety of matters concerning criminal law and suspicions regarding criminal acts. The enterprises may be subjected to criminal acts from internal or external parties, or may themselves be the subject of investigation. In addition, Per specialises in assessing and executing reactive measures such as internal investigations and following up of the same.


  • University of Stockholm, LLM, 1999
  • University of Örebro, International Jurisprudence, Bachelor of Law 1995


  • Swedish Economic Crime Authority, 2012 – 2020, Senior Prosecutor
  • Swedish Prosecution Authority, 2004 – 2012, District Prosecutor
  • Swedish Department of Justice, 2008, Legal Subject Matter Expert
  • Swedish Armed Defence Force International Division Kosovo, 2006 – 2007, Legal Advisor
  • Swedish Foreign and Alien Board of Authority, 2002 – 2004, Lecturer and Assistant Head of Unit
  • District Court Clerkship, 1999-2001


Mandate November 25, 2021

Vinge advises YrkesAkademin in connection with its acquisition of Arcus

Vinge has advised YA Holding AB (publ) ("YrkesAkademin") in connection with its acquisition of Arcus…