Kristoffer Sällfors

Member of the Swedish Bar Association Public procurement Expert
  • Stockholm
  • Languages:
    Swedish, English, German

Kristoffer Sällfors specialises in public procurement and procurement in the utilities sectors. He has many years’ experience in the field and is regularly engaged by contracting authorities and entities to advise on all stages of procurement. Kristoffer is also engaged by suppliers to the public sector and in conjunction with M&A within the public sector. He has experience of concession procurements and social issues relating to procurements. Kristoffer is regularly engaged in review cases by contracting authorities/entities as well as by suppliers, and he has extensive experience of conducting litigation before the Swedish courts as well as before the Court of Justice of the European Union. In addition, he also lectures at universities and at conferences both in Sweden and abroad.


 ‘Kristoffer Sällfors is a highly skilled and extremely dedicated lawyer. His long experience of working in the field of public procurement law has given him an in depth knowledge in the most complex areas of this field of law. He also has a unique experience of representing in the Court of Justice of the European Union.’

‘Kristoffer Sällfors has an interesting background that has been helpful for my case. He has a unique insight and makes good conclusions from this. I think he does a fantastic job and are competent in the field but I would not have expected anything less. He meets my expectations, which were set very high.’ Legal 500 2022

Daniel Wendelsson and Kristoffer Sällfors. Two of the top experts within public procurement law in Sweden. You can feel comfortable that an analysis from them on a procurement matter is of the highest level. - Legal 500 2021


  • University of Nottingham, Executive Program in Public Procurement Law and Policy 2015-2016
  • Lund University, Master of Law (LL.M.) 2008


  • The Swedish Competition Authority 2011-2019 (case officer 2011-2012, senior adviser 2012-2013, legal counsel 2013-2019)
  • Nova Law Firm 2009-2011 (associate lawyer)
  • Lindahl Law Firm 2008-2009 (associate lawyer)

Other qualifications

  • Expert in the Swedish Government Official Report on procurement and collective agreements (SOU 2015:78 and 2016:15).
  • Guest lecturer in public procurement at Stockholm University and Uppsala University. 



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