Vinge’s IP team recruits three top candidates

Vinge has strengthened and developed the IP practice group by recruiting three sector specialists – intellectual property law postdoctoral researcher Stojan Arnerstål, senior IP lawyer Sofia Ljungblad and paralegal Kerstin Lagercrantz.

Stojan Arnerstål is a Doctor of Laws and university lecturer in civil law and one of the leading researchers within the field of intellectual property law. Stojan joins Vinge from the Faculty of Laws at Uppsala University where over the last five years he has been the head of the Institute of Intellectual Property, Marketing and Competition Law (IMK). In addition to his academic background, he has considerable experience of issues which arise in connection with the commercialization and maintenance of intellectual property rights and has advised on intellectual property related issues in conjunction with transactions and licensing.

Sofia Ljungblad has worked as an IP lawyer for 16 years and joins Vinge from a position as the deputy CEO and head of the trademark group at Noréns Patentbyrå. Sofia is active in several trade associations and, among other things, has been Sweden’s representative on the Harmonization Committee at ECTA for many years, and also Sweden’s delegate in conjunction with the Nordic trade association CONOPA. Between 2005 and 2009, Sofia was a member of the Swedish Patent Attorneys’ Association (SPOF). Until recently, Sofia was a member of SEPAF (Sweden’s Patent Bureau Association) and also an authorized EU trademark attorney.

Kerstin Lagercrantz has many years’ experience from the IP industry and, among other things, has worked in a number of companies such as Ericsson, Pharmacia and AstraZeneca. Kerstin has also worked at the IP firms Groth & Co and Noréns Patentbyrå and has considerable experience of both the national and international regulatory framework within IP.

”We are pleased to both strengthen and develop the IP group. Our proactive work which has focused on protecting our clients’ intellectual property rights has increased as a result of us strengthening our service offering regarding applications and trademark protection. Sofia Ljungblad has extensive experience of applying for protection both nationally and internationally and has many years’ experience of corporate strategic development, and defence, of intellectual property rights. 

As a result of Stojan Arnerstål joining the group, we now have one of the country’s leading experts in relation to contract and intellectual property law, and thus we can also strengthen our proactive work concerning valuable IP rights for our clients. Among other things, Stojan has written a doctoral thesis in a fast growing area in relation to the regulation of intellectual property rights through contractual protection and has also recently written a book on the same subject. In addition, Stojan, Sofia and Kerstin will also increase our capacity and further strengthen our competence within the area of IP transactions, where Vinge has grown expansively over the last few years within several industrial sectors, says Håkan Borgenhäll, Head of IP at the Stockholm office at Vinge. ”