Vinge now offers CSR training for board members

February 25, 2016 Sustainability/ESG

It is time to alter perspective and focus on concrete measures in relation to CSR issues. Hence, Vinge is now offering advanced training courses to board members in relation to CSR and sustainability issues. The courses will not primarily focus on the value of sustainability work per se but, rather, the practical implementation and follow-up of the work within different types of enterprises which face global challenges.

The training is interactive and is based on several case studies. Training courses can also be tailor-made, in which case the duration and scope thereof will be adapted solely on the basis of demand and the requirements in question.   

For instance, the content includes new legislation and trends within the field, due diligence within sustainability, the requirement for a systematic internal audit where mandates, competence and resources can be measured in relation to the board’s sustainability issues, competence issues, the requirement for an external audit, evaluation of risk management procedures, management and management system, quantification and what is really covered within the scope of the term “sustainability”.

Responsible for training: Parul Sharma, Head of CSR and Compliance, Advokatfiman Vinge, Stockholm

For more information, please contact Parul Sharma, +46 (0) 10 614 31 85, 

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