News Vinge has awarded more than SEK 1 million in scholarships under its Diversity Project

June 25, 2012

This year is the tenth anniversary of Vinge’s Diversity Project - Working on Equal Terms. During this period, a total of approximately 70 legal studies scholarships and 60 scholarships for study enhancement and moral courage have been awarded to students at secondary schools involved in the project. Since the project’s inception, more than SEK 1 million have been awarded and the holders of the scholarships have, among other things, had priority to the coveted summer trainee programme at Vinge.

“The reason why Vinge initiated the project was the fact that Sweden's population consists of approximately one-fifth of people of foreign origin although this is not reflected in the legal profession. Vinge saw an opportunity to focus on this issue and in 2002 we started a project to actively endeavour to increase diversity within the legal industry”, says Olof Jisland, Managing Partner at Vinge in Gothenburg. “The project has focused on increasing the interest for university studies and higher education in general, and of course law in particular, among secondary school students. We co-operate with one school in Gothenburg, one in Malmö and two schools in Stockholm and we are both pleased and proud of the fact that the co-operation has worked so well for so long.”

Award ceremonies in connection with the graduation in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Malmö
In connection with graduation at the end of May, three law scholarships of SEK 10 000 each were awarded to students from Angeredsgymnasiet in Gothenburg. On 7 June, scholarships were awarded to students graduating from Ross Tensta Gymnasium and St. Botvids gymnasium in Stockholm. Furthermore, students who had excelled in their studies received study enhancement and moral courage awards of SEK 2 500 each.

On 14 June, a study enhancement scholarship worth SEK 2 500 was awarded at Malmö latinskola.

In conjunction with the Christmas break, a law scholarship of SEK 25 000 will also be awarded in both Stockholm and Malmö. The scholarships vary in accordance with the schools’ wishes although the total amount is the same, i.e. SEK 30 000 per school and year. Accordingly, Vinge pays SEK 120 000 per year within the scope of the Diversity Project.

Vinge’s Diversity Project
Vinge co-operates with the secondary schools, Ross Tensta and St. Botvids gymnasier in Stockholm, Angeredsgymnasiet in Gothenburg and Malmö latinskola in Malmö. The primary aims of the project are to offer all students at these schools the opportunity to attend lectures and presentations and to be considered for scholarships as well as the opportunity to secure a summer trainee position at Vinge. The students are also given the opportunity to participate in Vinge’s so-called “theme days” where they undertake study visits accompanied by Vinge associates to, e.g. local courts, local offices of the Swedish Prosecution Authority, large companies and Vinge’s offices. The theme days are an appreciated feature of Vinge’s co-operation with the schools and an excellent way of giving the students a practical insight into the working life of a lawyer and at the same time showing them just how diversified the practice of law can be. 

Vinge contributes to IUMI Eye

International Union of Marine Insurers (IUMI) is preparing for its first web based conference – Stockholm 2020 – of which Vinge is a proud sponsor. In the latest edition of IUMI Eye, published just in time for the conference, Vinge’s Paula Bäckdén and Sweden Insurance’s senior advisor Mikaela Tamm discuss the implications of waiving liability limitations.
September 15, 2020

Vinge – Best law firm for female business lawyers

Vinge has been awarded “Best Nordic Business Law Firm for Women” at the European Women in Business Law Awards which took place in London on 10 September. For the eighth time, Vinge has won the award as the law firm which has been most successful in relation to its gender equality work.
September 10, 2020

Clarification of the interpretation of ”nearest suitable railway station”

Road transport performed by Samskip Sia in Sweden has been confirmed to be within the framework of a permitted combined transport through a decision of the Administrative court of Falun in Sweden. The central question in the case was how to interpret the term “nearest suitable railway station”
June 30, 2020