Vinge first in the Nordic region with AI from Harvey

January 15, 2024

As the first law firm in the Nordic region, Vinge begins a collaboration with the leading AI player Harvey. Generative AI in law has a great potential to help lawyers do an even better job for their clients.

Vinge is now joining global elite law firms and signing up 100 lawyers for an AI solution from the leading player Harvey. The agreement has been concluded for a period of one year and the AI solution from Harvey has already been highly appreciated by Vinge's lawyers.

Harvey - recently named by Forbes as one of 30 AI companies to watch in 2024 - has had a waiting list of practitioners wanting to try their demo version of the solution. Their generative AI tool is designed specifically to perform and be a resource for legal work.

Harvey is tough in its selection process and only targets what it calls elite agencies with more than 300 users.

"We are both pleased and also a little proud to have the opportunity to go live with Harvey's AI solution. We know that generative AI is a great tool in our legal operations. And with Harvey's tool, we free up important resources for more problem-solving law. We simply become even more relevant in our task of supporting and guiding our clients to the right legal decision", says Maria-Pia Hope, CEO of Vinge.

"Our partnership with Harvey is a way of developing our AI strategy and enables us to be at the forefront of AI development", says Maria-Pia Hope.

Before Vinge signed up for Harvey's AI tool, around 170 lawyers tested a pilot version for three weeks. Nine out of ten users were positive or very positive about using Harvey.

Vinge therefore decided to enter into a one-year agreement with Harvey and is thus the first firm in the Nordic region to start using the solution. Other major firms that have invested in Harvey's AI solution are the global firm Allen & Overy LLP and the London-based law firm Macfarlanes LLP.

Funded by OpenAI Startup Fund and Sequioa, among others, Harvey is based on OpenAI and ChatGPT technologies. The solution is a platform that uses natural language processing, machine learning and data analytics to automate and improve various aspects of legal work such as reviewing, analysing and summarising documents.