Vinge Firm of the Year within Employment law

For the third time, Vinge has been named Employment Law Firm of the Year by Blendow Group. Advokat Fredrik  Dahl and advokat Åsa Gotthardsson at Vinge received the award.

Fredrik Dahl, Stockholm: - “We are very proud and happy to receive the award again this year. We worked very hard to deliver beyond our client’s expectations on a daily basis and it is always nice to be appreciated for what we do.”

What lies behind the success?
Fredrik Dahl, Stockholm: “At Vinge we have the advantage of being able to work with large, complex mandates and issues. Our size and geographical spread gives rise to mandates of different types, everything from Danish-Swedish cross border transactions, dockyard conflicts and harassment in the media and theatre industries. Quite simply, we have a very broad and multi-faceted degree of experience in employment law. Knowledge is the most important thing we have and thus we always make a point of sharing experience and utilizing each other’s knowledge. We have a very good co operation between our offices and the dissemination of experience is something that we prioritize, both as regards further development for us and in relation to new colleagues at work. You learn most be actually doing the job.”

Åsa Gotthardsson, new partner at Vinge from and including 2018. How do you want to develop the work in the future as a new partner?
Åsa Gotthardsson, Stockholm: “I am proud to be a part of such an appreciated practice group. As a new partner I want contribute to the further development of our advisory role and our team so that we can be as successful in the future as we are today. In line with developments in society in general, I think we have to be ready for change, see new possibilities with digitalization and increase our transparency towards clients and the public.”

What does the future look like, what trends can you see?
Fredrik Dahl: “Employment law advice changes with society – sometimes it takes time to see changes, sometimes it goes quickly. Questions concerning the work environment, victimisation and discrimination have all ended up on employment lawyers’ desks in the last few weeks – and it will continue. The strong Swedish economy is also setting its stamp on our business – a lot of people change jobs and this gives rise to issues relating to the validity of non compete clauses as well as the drafting of employment agreements for new senior officers.”