Six new partners, seven new counsels and one Chief Economist at Vinge’s Stockholm office.

The newly appointed partners are Karl Klackenberg, Samra Tesser and Johanna Wiberg, who specialise in M&A, and Sebastian Örndahl, who practices EU and Competition law. In addition, Sam Seddigh, an employment law specialist, will be joining from another law firm. Moreover, Nils Unckel, who specialises in Private Funds law with a focus on financial regulatory matters will join Vinge as a partner on 1 June 2023.

The board of directors has also appointed Mathilda Persson (IT/Telecom/Outsourcing), Philip Danielsson (Dispute Resolution), Anders Öhlin (Dispute Resolution), Carl Sander (M&A), Sofia Ljungblad (IP), Trine Osen Bergqvist (EU and Competition Law) and Simon Söderholm (Employment Law) as new counsels commencing 1 June 2023. 

In addition, Jakob Jeanrond, who will head the team of economists in the EU and Competition Law practice group, has been appointed as Chief Economist commencing on 1 July 2023. 


Maria Pia Hope, Managing Partner of Vinge, said: “The opportunity to be able to welcome a record number of new partners and counsels in these volatile times is indeed a sign of strength. In particular, it is encouraging to see the wide scope of the group, which will contribute to Vinge’s continued full-service offering and which will ensure excellence at a senior level on a long-term basis.”


From the leftside:
Per Hellström, Jacob Jeanrond, Carl Sander, Johanna Wiberg, Karl Klackenberg, Samra Tesser, Philip Danielsson, Mathilda Persson, Sam Seddigh, Sebastian Örndahl, Trine Osen Bergqvist, Anders Öhlin, Sofia Ljungblad.