New partners and counsels appointed at Vinge’s Stockholm office

July 06, 2021

Advokat Sofie Bjärtun, advokat Rikard Lindahl, advokat Malin Malm Waerme and advokat Daniel Wendelsson at Vinge’s Stockholm office have been appointed as new partners as of 1 January 2022. The following lawyers have been elected as counsels at Vinge’s Stockholm office: Advokat Stojan Arnerstål, advokat Amanda Knutsson, advokat Jolene Reimerson, advokat Linnéa Sellström and advokat Filip Öhrner.

”We are happy and very grateful that despite the pandemic we are stronger than ever. Our employees are a central part of this, and we are therefore especially delighted to be able to welcome nine senior colleagues who represent some of our future practice areas in important new roles.”, says Maria‑Pia Hope, Managing Partner.


The following lawyers have been elected as partners:

Sofie Bjärtun, Capital Markets and Public M&A

Rikard Lindahl, Capital Markets and Public M&A

Malin Malm Waerme, Intellectual Property Right

Daniel Wendelsson, Public Procurement/ECR


The following lawyers have been elected as counsels:

Stojan Arnerstål, Intellectual Property Right

Amanda Knutsson, Capital Markets and Public M&A

Jolene Reimerson, Corporate Commercial

Linnéa Sellström, Capital Markets and Public M&A

Filip Öhrner, M&A


Contact person:

Kristian Sjöholm, Head of Marketing and Communications


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